Gohan and Piccolo are set to fight but warriors from Universe 10 launch an attack on them. The preview trailer of Dragon Ball Super” Episode 103 of the anime series is out, and it shows Gohan taking the spotlight. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new “DBS” episodes. Read if you wish to know more.

Episode 103 preview video

The video opens with Gohan charging at Botamo with punches landing on his stomach. “This is Gohan. Piccolo san, let’s fight the brutes of Universe 10 together! My attacks are being reflected by their counters and won’t work! But, I am not about to back down. I will release all of my power to achieve victory!” Gohan says in the promo trailer. Watch the preview below.


Gohan battles Botamo

In "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 103, Gohan’s old form is back, and he goes on to attack Botamo by repeatedly striking his stomach. Later, using a Kamehameha, he sends Botamo flying out of bounds. Now, Botamo is eliminated, and Gohan looks for his next opponent, Obni.

They charge at each other with their fists aiming for the target. However, Gohan’s fist is a moment faster, and he sinks into Obni leading to the latter's elimination from the Tournament of Power. But as Obni is flying out of bounds a locket pendant falls from his head. What is this locket all about? Will it have any impact on the Tournament of Power?

Ribrianne vs. Jilkol

No. 17 has eliminated Kakunsa of Universe 2, but Ribrianne is still in the game, and she charges furiously at the Universe 7 warrior.

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However, yoga warrior named Jilkol from Universe 10 challenges Ribrianne to fight in the tournament. Meanwhile, Son Goku from Universe 7 fights it out with Jimiz from Universe 2 in Episode 103. In the previous episode, Brianne decides to merge with her comrades Sanka Ku and Su Roas, and they gather on a hilltop for the grand ritual.

However, No. 17 attacks the trio as they were leaving themselves wide open. Brianne is furious, and she tells No. 17 the importance of the transformation process. Toppo criticizes No. 17 and calls his action rude. Meanwhile, Goku is eager to see the transformation.

The trio starts the transformation again with their self-introductions. And they are able to transform.


Ribrianne uses the Light of Love technique during the episode. Vegeta mocks the technique, but Ribrianne tells him that it was just the beginning. It will be interesting to see what Ribrianne has in store in the new episode that airs this Sunday on Fuji TV.