The 103rd episode of the fan-favorite anime “#Dragon Ball Super” is by far the most emotional among all other episodes. The latest show showcased a glimmer of hope, desperation, courage, and guilt. As the plot thickens and the number of universe getting totally destroyed is increasing, it becomes apparent that to some fighters that they are fighting not for power or supremacy but for survival.

Episode review

#Episode 103 of “Dragon Ball Super” is another show of spectacular power and action as fighters from different universe battle in the Tournament of Power. The series continues with Ribrianne of Universe2 fighting to avenge her kicked out team mate Kakunsa.

Despite her power, it appears that she has no match against 17 who is shown having a good time enjoying the fight.

Meanwhile, Piccolo and #Gohan decided to fight in the Tournament and Goku’s son was shown to battle Botamo of Universe6. Equipped with the knowledge on how his opponent fights as revealed to him by his father, Gohan incessantly attack the numb fighter of Universe6. While Champa cheers on Botamo, Gohan’s punches have an effect on his enemy, gradually making him ascend from the ground. When Botamo is about to attack, it appears that he cannot hit his opponent. Gohan sees a chance and fires a Kamehameha at his enemy sending him out of the arena.

Hope, courage, and guilt

After his battle with Botamo, two fighters from Universe10 challenged Gohan and Piccolo. Uboni choose Gohan [VIDEO] while Rubalt will fight against Piccolo.

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Piccolo’s match was fast and he sends Rubalt out of the arena easily. During the match, Gowasu has decided to accept the fate of their universe while Rumoosh is still banking on the remaining fighters in the tournament. As Gohan struggles with his fight against Uboni, Gowasu saw a glimmer of hope and think that they could still win. During the fight, Uboni commends Gohan for being a great warrior and explains that he is only doing this to save their universe.

The Mystic fighter used his body as a bait to sense his opponents attack and in the long run, make his counter attacks land. He sends his opponent out of the tournament using another Kamehameha. As Uboni flies off the arena, he dropped a locket containing his family picture. Gohan saw this and evidently, the guilt in his eyes become very visible. Uboni apologized for being defeated but he was gratefully commended by Gowasu for putting up a good fight. The Zen-oh then made their ritual totally annihilating Universe10.

This episode has made several fans emotional. The scenes where Gohan saw the fallen locket, and Gowasu talking about the change of perspective, have a great impact in the community. “Dragon Ball Super” episodes 103 also show the different sides of Gohan.