The new episode of #Dragon Ball Super has yet to air, but official updates for the next two episodes have just been released. The titles and synopses for the 103rd and 104th episodes reveal what’s going to happen next in the action-packed Universe Survival Saga arc.

Official updates from Weekly Shounen Jump have revealed spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 and it will finally give the spotlight to Son Gohan. Since the #Tournament of Power started, Gohan has been set aside and downplayed, which has frustrated a lot of fans who were expecting that the Saiyan would be getting a bigger role in this arc, especially since he has been designated the leader of Universe 7.

Gohan vs. Universe 10

According to the updates from Weekly Shounen Japan, which is a Japanese publication that regularly reports on spoilers and relevant information on various manga and anime series, Gohan will be going up against a lot of fighters from various universes. The spoiler stated that Son Goku will get in the middle of a battle between Universe 2 and Universe 10.

Weekly Shounen Jump revealed that Universe 10 will be backed into a corner after getting into a clash with Universe 2. Somehow, Gohan will cut in and end up battling the fighters from Murichim’s universe [VIDEO].

This week's episode -- “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 -- will feature Universe 2’s battles, as well as one of Universe 10’s warriors. In this episode, they will be going up against different warriors from Universe 7, and based on how next week’s episode will reportedly go down, the two teams end up setting aside Gohan’s team to fight each other instead.

Universe 7 vs. Botamo from Universe 6

Gohan will also be reuniting with some of this teammates from Universe 7 [VIDEO] to gang up on Botamo from Universe 6. In the earlier episodes, Botamo went up against Vegeta and even teamed up with Auta Magetta to fight the Saiyan Prince.

Botamo is known as one of the strongest warriors from his team, and he is quite confident in his skills. With Gohan and some fighters from his team uniting to go up against the proud Botamo, there’s a huge possibility that Botamo will be eliminated and if that happens, he will be the first warrior from his universe to drop out, provided they stay safe in this week’s episode.

Next week’s episode is titled, “Gohan, Be Ruthless! The Showdown with Universe 10” and it is scheduled to air on August 13. Despite being the team leader, Gohan hasn’t been given significant airtime during the Tournament of Power and this upcoming episode might just be the start of his huge role in the dreaded battle royale.

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