The latest episode of the popular anime series, Dragon Ball Super,” continues the action-packed fights between formidable opponents in the Universe Survival Saga arc. The new episode also revealed the early demise of another universe after all of its warriors were defeated and eliminated from the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 picked up immediately where the last episode ended but aside from the battles between Universe 2’s Kamikaze Fireballs and Universe 7’s Son Goku and Android 17, there were other highlights. The new episode finally puts the spotlight on Goku’s son, Son Gohan as he goes up against warriors from two universes.


Gohan vs. Botamo

Fans have been complaining that Gohan hasn’t been given that much of a role in the Tournament of Power and the new episode finally features Gohan in not just one, but two important battles. In the previous episode, Gohan, who was the designated leader of Team Universe 7, decided that the team should change plan and spread out after Universe 6’s Kale ruins the arena.

As soon as Gohan’s group parted ways, he and Piccolo ran into Botamo of Universe 6. Botamo went up against Vegeta of Universe 7 in an earlier episode, but Vegeta couldn’t defeat him because the Universe 6 warrior teamed up with Magetta.

Apparently, Gohan has received details from his father about Botamo’s skills and requested Piccolo to leave the fight to him.

Gohan wastes no time and dashes off to Botamo to pummel him, but because of Botamo’s unbreakable skin, Universe 6 is confident that they have this fight in the bag.

However, Gohan’s continuous punches has somehow lifted Botamo, preventing the latter from running or jumping. Gohan’s perseverance has placed Botamo in a dire position, and shortly after dealing the final punch, Gohan unleashed Kamehameha on Botamo and eliminated him from the Tournament of Power.

Universe 7 vs. Universe 10

Gohan’s latest feat has earned him respect from other warriors and was even challenged by Universe 10’s strongest warrior, Obuni. Meanwhile, another Universe 10 warrior named Rubalt challenged Piccolo to a fight.

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The preview for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 103 teased that the last few fighters of Universe 10 would be their strongest ones. However, it was revealed in the newly released full episode that wasn’t the case.

Rubalt may have landed the first attack on Piccolo, but the latter easily eliminated him. Meanwhile, Gohan had a hard time-fighting Obuni because of the latter’s sneaky secret technique, which had something to do with his internal energy.

Gohan eventually defeated Obuni after working out a way to counterattack instead.

Shortly after Obuni’s elimination and his universe’s annihilation, Gohan somehow feels regretful of having to erase an entire civilization.