The next episode of the popular anime series, #Dragon Ball Super will be aired this weekend and it promises to feature Team Universe 2 for the first time. Aside from that, fans will be seeing Android 17 and Vegeta taking the spotlight this time.

The latest preview for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 was released soon after last week’s episode was aired. The teaser revealed more footage of the upcoming episode and gave more fans a glimpse of what’s expected to go down between Team Universe 2 and Team Universe 7’s fight.

Universe 2’s Kamikaze Fireballs

The next episode will finally introduce Brianne de Chateau’s clique, which is called Kamikaze Fireballs. Her girlfriends Sue and Sanka possess the same Magical Girl Transformation powers, which is a tribute to the popular anime series called “Sailor Moon.”

Early official spoilers from Weekly Shounen Jump, a Japanese publication that regularly releases updates and spoilers on various anime and manga series, revealed that Brianne will be taking on a new form, which is actually her true form.

According to the information given by Shounen Jump, Brianne will be fusing with Sue and Sanka to become Rebrianne.

Rebrianne was first revealed in “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] episode 91 and apparently, Brianne didn’t need help from her minions to transform. However, the claimed true form of Rebrianne might be more powerful if the transformation is molded through fusion of powers, especially between Magic Girl Transformations.

Android 17 vs. Team Universe 2

The official update also revealed that Android 17 will be going up against the Kamikaze Balls because he will stop Brianne before she completes her transformation. His quick and smart actions earned him criticisms from Team Universe 2 and even his teammate, Son Goku, who thought Android 17's tactics were dirty even though they were in a battle royal.

However, it seems like Vegeta will be on Android 17's side as the Saiyan prince will help him fight Team Universe 2. In the latest preview, Android 17 is shown pummeling one of the Kamikaze Balls members with ease, treating fans to more display of the cyborg's true powers.

Vegeta vs. Rebrianne

The biggest reveal for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 is Vegeta’s fight against Rebrianne. It seems like Vegeta approved of Android 17’s quick actions and decided to go up against Rebrianne himself.

The preview for the next episode revealed Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form fighting Rebrianne, which was a familiar scene since it was hinted through the anime’s opening sequence. With Android 17 and Vegeta taking on the Kamikaze Balls, it is predicted that Team Universe 2 will finally incur losses at the #Tournament of Power.

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