The action-packed #Tournament of Power in#Dragon Ball Super just keeps getting better and better as another bizarre group of warriors takes the center-stage with their magical and girly powers. The cutesy little girl fighters of Universe 2 [VIDEO] decided that the time was ripe to show their real forms and spread love in the battlefield. How will Goku and the others deal with beautiful yet deadly foes?

Magical girls transform

As the battle for survival rages on, more and more participants are knocked out of the arena, and some of the proactive warriors are getting fatigue because of the prolonged battle. At the start of the episode, we got to see the remaining warriors in the tournament through the Godpad of Zen-Ohs, and after remaining in the blind spot, #Universe 2 warriors opted to get the attention of the other fighters and they stole the limelight and showed their real powers.

Brianne de Chateau took the lead while Sanka and Su followed their comrade in their Sailor Moon-esque magical girl transformation. The audience and the other warriors were awestruck at the ladies’ magical change that came complete with their weird yet cute chants. However, their transformation was interrupted by poker-faced No.17 who received much criticism from the crowd including Goku.

The power of love

Like the stereotypical magical girl, the trio called Kamikaze Fireballs used attractive and girly attacks such as the Light of Love that can bewitch other warriors with its sweet aroma. However, the heroes of Universe 7 seemed unaffected by the technique’s treacherous effect and surprisingly, Master Roshi’s weakness for beautiful women has now gone, all thanks to Puar.

The climax of the episode was when the magical girl trio faced Goku and the others in a thrilling match.

Ribrianne battled out Vegeta while Goku [VIDEO] faced off with Su’s magical girl counterpart, Magical Girl Rozie. The final member of the trio Sanka or the beast warrior Kakunsa faced Android 17 with the help the Universe 2 flyer called Vikal. However, the Android quickly defeated them and knocked them out of the arena.

All in all, the latest episode was very entertaining as the series narrowed the battlefield and focused on the most interesting participants of the Tournament. No.17 and Master Roshi add a lot of fun and action in the story, and everyone can tell that the show is gearing up to focus on the Universe 7 warriors.

Now that the show is in rollicking momentum, we can only cross our fingers that the series will continue in the following weeks. For now, we have to wait a while for the next installment of “Dragon Ball Super” which airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 7:15 PM CST. For English watchers, Toonami will begin airing the dubbed version on Adult Swim every Saturday at 11:30 PM.