The latest episode of the #Dragon Ball Super anime series is scheduled to air this weekend and more updates are still pouring in for the upcoming episodes. The next episode promises to unveil Brianne’s true powers.

In the latest preview for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 102, fans were given new footage and a better sneak peek at what’s going to happen soon. The highlight may be Team Universe 2’s Kamikaze Fireballs versus Team Universe 7’s Android 17 and Vegeta but the teaser hinted other significant developments as well.

Piccolo vs. Jirasen

First off, the new preview for this weekend’s episode gave fans a glimpse of Piccolo from Team Universe 7.

Apparently, Piccolo will be fighting an unnamed warrior but thanks to recent official updates, the identity of his opponent has been revealed.

Piccolo will be going against Team Universe 10’s Jirasen, a blue-haired warrior who seemed to be a powerful one since he lasted this long. The teaser particularly hinted that Jirasen will clearly put up a fight since Piccolo looks like he’s having a difficult time fighting him.

The preview even showed Piccolo fighting without his robe, which hints further that his fight against Jirasen is a challenging one. Team Universe 7 hasn’t incurred any losses yet after Krillin’s unexpected elimination and fans are hoping that the latest preview is not a foreshadowing of Piccolo’s possible elimination.

There were speculations that the order of Team Universe 7 has already been hinted through the new closing video sequence of “Dragon Ball Super” for its Universe Survival Saga arc.

If the speculations are accurate then Tien Shinhan is expected to drop out next from the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] and not Piccolo.

Frieza to eliminate Brianne?

The latest teaser of “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 102 has been aptly titled “The Power of Love Explodes” because love is apparently the source of Brianne’s power. During her Magical Girl Transformation, which was first revealed in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 91, she showed off heart signs and shapes.

Though it hasn’t been determined if the other members of the Kamikaze Fireballs possess powers related to love, the preview showed that Brianne’s power of love is ineffective against Frieza as he brushes it off easily while being attacked with pink hearts. This is because Frieza has grown accustomed or found a way to repel this kind of attack since happiness and love were his punishments back in hell.

Since Frieza is unfazed by Brianne’s power, it is predicted that Frieza will defeat and even eliminate Brianne, despite possessing the powerful Rebrianne transformation. Even if Vegeta [VIDEO] is going up against Brienne, Frieza can snatch Brianne away and eliminate her just like what he did with Murichim of Team Universe 10. #Tournament of Power