#Universe 2’s warriors decide to transform and merge in the upcoming episode of the anime series. But, No. 17 does something that is later criticized by warriors of the universe as well as Goku. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the forthcoming #Dragon Ball Superepisode. Read only if you want to know more.

Female warriors of Universe 2 transform

It is the time to merge for Universe 2 warriors and Brianne from the universe convinces her allies namely Sanka and Su to merge with her in Episode 102 of "DBS." Together, they will become Ribrianne. It will be interesting to what Ribrianne is capable of at the Tournament of Power.

In the preview trailer, Ribrianne is seen fighting Vegeta. Can Vegeta disqualify this warrior?

No. 17’s cheap move

Unable to figure out what is happening, No. 17 goes on to attack. He is unaware that Brianne is transforming and attack while she is in the middle of the transformation. Universe 2 warriors including Toppo criticize No. 17 for his actions and call it a tasteless move to attack someone who is in the midst of the transformation.

Goku is unimpressed

During the “DBS” [VIDEO] episode, Goku comes forward and confronts No. 17 for attacking Brianne. Even Goku believes to give the opponent a fair chance to put up a fight or get ready for the fight. Will No. 17 understand and apologize for his grave mistake? Will the Grand Priest take any action against him? Episode 102 is written Atsushiro Tomioka.

The duties of animation director are handled by Koji Nashizawa and the installment is directed by Masato Mitsuka.

What happens in Episode 103?

This installment showcases Gohan’s ruthless side as he prepares to fight against Universe 10 warriors. The fighters of Universe 10 are stuck in a corner by the fighters from the 2nd universe. Gohan and other members of his universe also decide to challenge them including Botamo to a fierce battle. It has to be seen how Gohan comes out of this battle in the new episode.

Stay tuned for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 103 preview trailer video and spoiler updates here.

Where to watch “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 102 online?

Watch “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 102 online via #live stream with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Anime Lab and FUNimation. Folks living in Japan can tune into Fuji TV at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 6 to catch the latest episode without English subs. Stay tuned for more television and anime updates and spoilers.