The latest episode of the popular anime adaptation of #Dragon Ball Super has just been released and it is as action-packed as ever with the #Tournament of Power still taking place in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc. The new episode finally gave the spotlight to Team Universe 2, who hasn’t seen any losses yet but the anime saw to it that there will be changes soon.

Transformations of the Kamikaze Fireballs

One of the most anticipated highlights of the episode was the possible fusion of the members from Team Universe 2’s Kamikaze Fireballs. However, despite what the early teasers stated, Brianne de Chateau [VIDEO] and her minions did not fuse into Rebrianne.

Fans have misinterpreted the fusion part of the updates from Weekly Shounen Jump, which actually revealed that the three female fighters will transform together, at the same time, into their respective Magical Girl Transformations.

Brianne turned into the powerful Rebrianne, Sanka transformed into the wild Kakusa, and Su turned into the sharp Rozie. Their transformations happened twice because the first one was unexpectedly interrupted by Team Universe 7’s Android 17, who was oblivious to the unwritten rule between fighters during their powerful transformations.

Universe 7 vs. Universe 2

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 featured Universe 2’s respective battles, with the three members going up against Vegeta, Son Goku, and Android 17 in one-on-one matches. Rebrianne and Rozie were fighting on par with Vegeta and Goku, respectively but it was a whole different story for Kakusa and Android 17.

Kakusa displayed her skills as she pummeled Android 17 with relentless swift attacks but it seems like the cyborg was just being easy on her because he was thinking of the wild animals he cared for back in his home. Android 17 easily defeated Kakusa and her teammate, Vikal and made them the first casualties for Helles and Peru’s universe.

Gohan’s group split up

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 102 saw Son Gohan’s plan and group finally splitting up after holding on together against various attacks since the Tournament of Power commence.

After Kale’s berserk mode ruined the stage for the arena, it seemed impossible for Gohan [VIDEO] and his group to keep up their formation.

Shortly after separating from each other, Piccolo immediately ran into another opponent. He went up against Team Universe 10’s Jirasen, but the match was short-lived when Jirasen became collateral damage, becoming the next eliminated fighter from the Tournament of Power. #Dragon Ball Super episode 102