The #universe 2 will be having the spotlight in the next "#Dragon Ball Super" episode. The Kamikaze Fireballs' first appearance in a battle will be an excellent way to take action from the spotlight from U6 and U7 Saiyans for awhile. Though an exception of this is Gohan, who hasn't even tried engaging in a one-on-one battle. It seems like we're going to see the result of Gohan's training and an unusual team-up with the most powerful warriors.

Episode 103 "Gohan be Ruthless!"

As stated in the title, Gohan will finally show his true power. The Universe 2 decided to take the competition one step closer to the end by transforming into powerful magical girls.

The episode preview of the last chapter has shown that Ribrianne will be fighting against Goku and Android 17. But the rest of the Universe 2 will likely try and eliminate the Universe 10. It seems like Universe 10 will somehow escape as Episode 103 will feature Gohan and the rest of U7 warriors fighting against Botamo and Universe 10 fighters. Episode 103 will be aired on August 13, 2017.

Episode 104 "A faster-than-light Battle Begins! Goku and Hit's Joint Front!"

Goku and #Hit are not on friendly terms but are respectful enough to each other after fighting in the Universe 6 and 7 tournament. Episode 104 will see Hit being cornered by Universe 11's remaining warriors. It seems like Toppo and his remaining comrades know a counter for Hit's time skipping. When it appears like Hit's end is coming, Goku decided to help the assassin.

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This team will be exciting. Imagine Hit's time skipping, and Goku's Kaioken combined to defeat a common enemy. It will be destructive. Episode 104 will be aired on August 20, 2017.

Will another universe be wiped out?

It seems like there will be another Universe that will be wiped out in the Tournament of Power. It was stated in Episode 103 that U10 would successfully escape that attack of Universe 2. It is possible that Universe 2 will be wiped out, making U10's flight possible. It can also mean that U10 is also holding a trump card under their sleeves.

Episode 104 will also mean that this will be Goku's second time cooperating with the Universe 6. It seems like these warriors developed camaraderie with each other. When these two worlds happen to be the only universes left in the Tournament of Power, no one would be happier than Goku. Afterall, he is looking forward to fighting every strong fighter even at the very start of the tournament.