The Tournament of Power is getting pumped up as almost half of the participants were eliminated. Two Universes were also wiped out and only Universe 1is left with three members. Episode 105 will be featuring the warriors of Universe 4 and Master Roshi's fight. Episode 106 will be exciting, as mysterious shooters will be targeting Gohan and Piccolo who will put them in trouble.

Gohan and Piccolo's tough fight

The Master and the disciple will be in a tough position on Episode 106 which is titled "Find it out! Death Match Against an Unseen Attacker!!" The episode, which will air on September 3, might feature the missing fighters of Universe 4. Will there be an elimination for Universe 7 in this episode?

Spoilers were given by a "Dragon Ball Super" translator Todd Blakenship.


He tweeted that unknown assailants will first attack a Universe 6 member which was revealed to be Dr. Rota. Dr. Rota was leaked together with the two Namekians from the U6. Not much is known about him. While fighting against the two U7 fighters, Dr. Rota will be targeted by an unknown enemy. The damage was enough to put the guy out of action. It is still not known if Dr. Rota will be eliminated but he will be incapacitated somehow.

The attacks from the assailants are hard to detect. After the attack, no traces would be left. Gohan's strategy that defeated Obuni will not work here because they cannot counter attack their enemies.

Tien Shinhan's comeback episode

Tien Shinhan is one of the recurring characters in the "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" franchise.


Albeit not as powerful as the Saiyans, he is a reliable fighter. He has no interesting transformation and forms, but he gets the job done every single time. He will be showing how reliable he is in Episode 6.

As seen in the Tournament of Power's start, he was able to detect faint auras, so his senses are not ordinary. He was seen helping Master Roshi a few times before with perfect timing. If this guy is a hero in MOBA, he would perfectly fit the support meta. He is expected to use one of his new techniques to be able to know the enemy attacker's position.

Vegeta's demise

The Sayan Prince will also be having an appearance. Blankenship spoiled that Vegeta will be underestimating an opponent at first.


He will soon realize that his opponent will become a threat if left unchecked. Vegeta then moves to defeat his attacker.

The attacker could be Cabba, his disciple. Cabba tried to fight Vegeta before but was interrupted by Kale's transformation. Vegeta seems to underestimate Cabba and it might be the reason for his defeat.