Episode 102 of "#Dragon Ball Super," to be honest, is not something a DB fan would see in the franchise. Again, Android 17 became the boss of this episode by eliminating Vikal and Kakunsa from #universe 2. Android 17 also utilized another elimination-counter that is very effective to avoid elimination.

Titles of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 103, 104, and 105 is already available. Todd Blakenship translated magazine scans and shared his translation to his Twitter account. It seems like the Tournament of Power will be a long arc as every Universe 7 characters are given their episodes.

Episode 103: Gohan's moment in the tournament.

In the preview, Gohan was seen battling at least two warriors from other Universes.

The one he will be battling will come from Universe 10. The Universe 10 has only a few warriors left, and they could be the next Universe to be erased.

Gohan was also seen battling Universe 6's yellow giant, Botamo. Gohan is Universe 7's smart warrior, and realizing that Botamo is immune to physical attacks, he will shoot a powerful Kamehameha to eliminate the yellow giant. Now that Botamo will be gone, Magetta is now easier to eliminate because he can hear the insults from other warriors.

A warrior named Obni will be Gohan's next opponent. Gohan will knock Obni's rocket pendant, which seems like an important thing; a power source or something.

Episode 104: Goku and Hit team-up

#Hit will be facing Universe 11's Dypso, the one who looks a lot like Beerus. As it turns out, Dypso's main weapon is Light Bullets which are assumed to be high-speed ki blasts that can even render Hit's time skipping useless.

Since speed is a way to defeat Hit's time-skipping, he will be the underdog in this one-sided battle. But when everything is going worst for the notorious assassin, Goku transformed into "Super Saiyan God" to help Hit.

Now the interesting thing about this is Goku's Super Saiyan God transformation without using the Saiyan ritual. It will be proven that Goku has now the access to tap the power of the Super Saiyan God without the ritual. Though in this form, Goku's hairstyle is like in the Super Saiyan Blue, the only difference is the color.

Episode 105: Master Roshi's burning spirit

No details have been provided for this episode except that Master Roshi will have a significant appearance. It is possible that he will be on a rampage and will have an elimination one after the another. It can also mean that he will be eliminated in the game after a heroic feat.