Summary and spoilers for episode 106 of “Dragon Ball Super” surfaced online. The upcoming chapter will show Gohan and Piccolo battle against an unseen enemy. In addition, fans will see Tein in action as he tries to save his friends.

Latest spoilers

A new scan from the Japanese publication Jump magazine surfaced today. It contains the spoilers for the 106th episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” The episode is titled, Figure it Out! Death Battle Against Invisible Attacker and will air on September 3, 2017.

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The title talks about Gohan and Piccolo fighting against an enemy that aside from not being seen is also untraceable.

The Mentor Piccolo and his student Gohan will be the focus of this episode as they both fight against Dr. Rota of Universe 6.

Dr. Rota is illustrated as red-skinned with massive tusks and snout sticking out of his face. His appearance has a strong resemblance to a warthog. He has a Mohawk-styled hair and he sports a tiny pair of glasses. The spoiler reveals that while fighting Gohan and Piccolo, Dr. Rota is attacked by someone and is put out of action. Interestingly, the enemy is invisible and untraceable.

As Dr. Rota gets beaten, the mysterious attacker goes against Gohan and Piccolo. How will the pair beat an invisible and untraceable enemy? Meanwhile, Tein sensing that his friends are in trouble jumps in the fight. He will use his special technique to locate the attacker’s position. Will the Z Fighters be able to trace the mysterious attacker’s position?


Episode 106 will also showcase Vegeta. The spoilers reveal that the Prince of Saiyan initially underestimated his opponent.

However, upon realizing his enemy’s power, he prepares to go all out. In the past episodes, the Prince of Saiyan was seldom seen in action. Fans are hoping to see more of him in the upcoming episodes to see how well he will fare against fighters of other universes.

Episode 105

Meanwhile, fans will see Episode 105 titled, “Brave Fight! Muten Roshi Stakes His Life!!” on August 27. The Turtle hermit will steal the spotlight as he battles against Caway of Universe 4. She is the strongest fighter of the gentle universe that uses sex appeal as their special weapon. Will Muten Roshi win over the temptation before his eye? Or will he just give in knowing how weak he becomes before good-looking ladies? The action continues as the plot of the popular anime series, “Dragon Ball Super” becomes more interesting.