The preview for episode 103 of the popular anime series, “#Dragon Ball Super” is already out. From the trailer, there are interesting revelations that will certainly excite the viewers. This episode will give Gohan the spotlight as he STRUGGLE to fight against other warriors in the Tournament of Power.

Mystic Form

In the previous episodes, fans have been yearning to see Gohan in action. It was earlier revealed that through the mentoring of his friend Piccolo, Goku’s son was able to achieve his Mystic Form. Fans are expecting that he will kick fighters out of the tournament with his newly realized power. There is so much hype about the Saiyan’s new power that some fans even speculates he has powers similar to Goku, or higher.

In the preview, however, it was shown that he was breathing heavily in the fight while surrounded by a white aura believed to be the achievement of his mystic form. There was a line in the trailer where he is asking for Piccolo’s help as his opponents are simply deflecting his attacks. While the spoilers reveal that Gohan will send his opponents out of the arena and cause one universe to be completely destroyed, it appears that he is not strong as fans previously anticipated.

Episode 103 summary

Titled, “Gohan Be Ruthless, The Showdown with Universe 10,” the 103rd episode will air on August 13. The summary reveals that the fight between 17 and Ribrianne [VIDEO]will commence after the Android beat Kakunsa. Ribrianne is attacking 17 when the yoga fighter from Universe10 interrupted and challenged her to a fight.

The summary also reveals that Gohan was able to regain his previous form and is fighting against Botamo. He repeatedly strikes Botamo’s stomach with his unrelenting punches and sends him out of the Tournament of Power with his Kamehameha. After Botamo, he will fight against Opni of Universe10. The Saiyan in his mystic form landed his fist on Opni and send him out of bounds. However, a locket pendant falls from Opni’s head when Gohan kick him out of the Tournament of Power.

What has happened to Gohan’s Mystic Form? Why is he asking for Piccolo’s help in fighting other warriors? In the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” viewers will witness another universe getting totally erased along with its inhabitants. While this has not yet occurred to the players of other universes who are still fighting in the Tournament of Power, soon this process of elimination will get into their minds. More of the universe’s annihilation will take its toll on Goku who is being blamed for their destruction.

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