Dragon Ball Super” always has its eyes on the Saiyan fighters almost all the time when Universal Survival Arc kicked off in February 2017. There are still a lot of warriors from other universes that are yet to be revealed including Caway, a sexy fighter from Universe 4. Two more fighters from team U4 have also been revealed recently who turned out to be twins named Damom and Gamisarasu. We only know a few details about The Pride Troopers of Universe 11 including Jiren The Grey but not much about Dyspo. Recently, the warrior fought against Hit of Universe 11, and he turned out to be formidable than the Gods of Destruction.


Dyspo is terrifying than we thought

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 104, Dyspo had a battle against Universe 6’s Hit, where he was able to subvert Hit’s Time-Skip ability during their intense fight. The Pride Trooper used his supersonic hearing and his unbelievable speed that even Champa, U6’s God of Destruction was also having difficulties dealing with him. Apparently, fans were quick to suggest that Dyspo is more frightening and even faster than the Gods of Destruction. The warrior heavily resembles the twin gods of Universes 6 and 7 – Champa and Beerus but shows his overconfidence and pride during his fight with Hit in the Tournament of Power.

During Dyspo’s battle in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 104, Champa also tried to penetrate him, but the god had a hard time to see his movements. However, it’s important to note that Champa at that time had not powered up just yet, but given the Pride Trooper’s fast speed, he was certainly a massive threat to his opponents. U6’s Angel Vados also had a hard time keeping up with Dyspo, whose speed is even faster than the sound and light. Even the Zen-Ohs weren’t able to keep up with his speed and had to use the God Pad to watch their battle. Despite his incredible speed, the Pride Trooper still did not succeed to defeat Hit during the battle royal.


Who is Dyspo?

“Dragon Ball Super” fans might be interested to know that his name derived from the word “disposal” like a garbage disposal. His name is another trend of the Pride Troopers’ names, which are inspired by different kitchen items including the warrior Kahseral as in a casserole. His enhanced hearing is incredible enough that he can determine frequencies including the tiny muscle movements. His light bullet enables him to move thousand times faster than his normal speed, which gave Hit a hard time to fight against him.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 105 is set to air on August 27. It airs on Crunchyroll on Saturdays at 7:17 PM CST. It's English dub airs on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM. Stay tuned!