The “#Fusion” is the process of merging two or more beings into a single one, combining all their attributes. When successfully merged, the resulting being has an outstanding power level, far beyond what the individual beings could have ever reached.

Namekian Fusion

It’s the first biological fusion that appeared in the series. It is a special and exclusive technique of the Namekian race, which is more like assimilation than a fusion per se. Both Namekians must agree to the merging before the technique is performed. When it happens, one of them (usually the strongest) assimilates the energy, strength, memories, intelligence and the thinking pattern of the other.

The host places his hand on the chest of the other Namekian and by some unknown means, their bodies merge in a blinding flash. After this fusion, just one body remains to preserve the physical template of the host. It is possible to combine more than two Namekians through this technique.

Three-way fusion

This is something we are about to see in the next episodes [VIDEO] of “#Dragon Ball Super”. The Warriors Brianne, Sanka and Suufrom Universe 2 will merge into Ribrianne in the Tournament of Power.

Fusion Dance

This is a dance developed by an alien race called Metamorans. Goku learned this technique from them and first introduced at the #majin buu saga. After two warriors of similar power level perform this technique, the resulting one has characteristics of both warriors, with a power level just beyond limits.

His voice is the mix of both beings, and his clothing is that of a Metamoran, which usually is a dark jacket and white pants. This fusion lasts for only 30 minutes after which both beings get separated.

Pothala earrings fusion

This fusion [VIDEO] is performed through the use of the Pothala earrings, trinkets used by the Gods of Creation. This fusion last for 1 hour and shares many similarities with the resulting being of the Dance of the Fusion. There are many ways of separating the two fusioned beings, being magic or a wish to Shenron examples of such ways.


This is a different form of fusion in which one of the beings consumes the other. The ones that performed this technique so far were Cell and Majin Buu. The first one makes use of his tail to absorb his defenseless victim, while the second one uses his own flesh to perform the technique. Naturon Shenron has a similar skill to take control of a body and multiply his natural abilities for his own plans.