The 104th episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is around the corner, and it will show the events that followed the eradication of the 10th universe, and the fight with Hit, the murderer from the sixth universe, who will have the direct support from Son Goku, in an incredible battle against the remaining members of the Pride troopers.

The full summary of episode number 105 has just been revealed and will be our main focus.

Episode 105

"A Brave Fight! Master Roshi takes action!" (Premiere: August 26th).

Official Synopsis:

Kame Senin goes into action. In the Tournament of Power, the Turtle Hermit (Master Roshi) shows us his great splendor. Finally, the sensei begins to move. While Son Goku has decided to help Hit in his battle against the Eleventh universe, he has neglected the warriors who are in his own universe.


Roshi, who until now had barely fought because his plan was based on just watching and analyzing his opponents from the beginning of the competition, will have to demonstrate that he's still got it.

His next opponent will be a beautiful warrior from the fourth universe.

The master did a special training with Puar before entering the tournament and achieved a new strategy by eliminating all the impure desires of his soul. Now is time to know the result of his training.

Meanwhile, Zeno Sama and the other destroying gods see and analyze the outcome of the battle. Which universe will be the next to disappear?

What about Goku?

When Goku finishes helping Hit, he begins to notice the danger in which his own master is.


The Saiyan heads to Roshi's location; however, a strange opponent begins to block his way. Could it be any of the hidden warriors from the fourth universe?

In this episode, Quitela, the destroying god from universe four, uses the strategy of seduction and attraction to win this fight. This god of destruction orders one of his warriors to mercilessly attack Master Roshi, also using seduction.

One interesting fact is that this episode reveals something important; if Goku intends to help Roshi that means his battle against the 11th universe would have ended, deducing that they managed to defeat Dyspo and Kunshee, both warriors of the Pride troopers. In other words, only Toppo and Jiren would remain as the last representatives from universe 11.


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