The latest chapter of theDragon Ball Super” manga series has finally caught up with the story in the anime series as it kicks off the Universal Survival Saga arc. Though the arc in the manga series started with a similar introduction as the anime version, a new scene has been added.

The new scene features the God of destruction of Universe 7, Beerus engaging in a new fight with another Saiyan. Fans of the series are stoked to see that this God of destruction is finally getting more highlights, revealing more of his powers in the new arc.

Beerus vs. Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super” chapter 27 kicked off with Son Goku heading off to more training after an encounter with a group of bandits. Meanwhile, Vegeta has started his training with the angel, Whis as Beerus looks on.


Whis has notably commended the Saiyan for his remarkable progress, pointing out that he is finally making less wasted movements. Beerus, who was bored of watching, was provoked into challenging Vegeta when the Oracle Fish told the god of destruction that Vegeta and Goku will someday become formidable opponents for him.

Apparently, the manga creators, Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama have treated fans to a great fight between the Saiyan prince and Universe 7’s God of destruction. The said fight started off with Beerus calling out to Vegeta, telling him that he had a change of mood so he would like to fight him.

Beerus’s challenge even surprised Whis because this is a huge and rare occurrence in both the anime and manga series.


Vegeta, who was also taken aback at first, agreed to fight Beerus and wasted no time in unleashing the full powers of the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, which he mastered as soon as the fight began.

The battle officially commences with Vegeta charging and landing the first blow, only to be fended off by Beerus with a more powerful counterattack. Beerus commended the Saiyan for his incredible explosive force but the former pointed out that the Super Saiyan Blue transformation won’t be enough to reach the strength of a God of destruction.

The fight continues as Beerus successful dodges attacks and Vegeta taking in more damage than what he’s trying to deal. Apparently, Beerus wasn’t serious and did not unleash his full powers in the fight, which infuriates Vegeta.


Vegeta unleashes a leveled-up form of Super Saiyan Blue and eventually landed one punch on Beerus, which triggered the latter to unveil his true strength. Beerus lets out an explosive attack that dealt the finishing blow and reminded Vegeta that he had a million years to go before he can reach his god level.

Beerus’s real strength

“Dragon Ball Super” chapter 27 displayed Beerus’s true strength, revealing that he is more powerful than what the manga and anime series let on. Vegeta, who fought with the mastered form of Super Saiyan Blue, was still easily defeated by Beerus with just one move.

Take note that in the previous arc, which was the Future Trunks Saga, Vegeta and Goku used Super Saiyan Blue against Fused Zamasu and they fought in same levels. The new chapter revealed that the Super Saiyan Blue was far from a god’s true strength and if Beerus wanted to, he could have easily defeated Fused Zamasu.