The new chapter of the original manga series of Dragon Ball Super” has been finally released and it opens with a new arc, which fans are quite familiar with. The manga has finally kicked off the Universal Survival Saga arc after the lengthy manga version of the Future Trunks arc ended in the previous chapter.

Dragon Ball Super” chapter 27 has finally caught up with the anime series as it steps into the ongoing Universal Survival Saga. The said arc will feature the deadliest battle royal in the anime yet, which is the Tournament of Power and it will be determining the strongest universe in the most horrible way.

Goku goes back to training

The latest chapter opened up with the introduction of Universe 7, featuring the boring lives of ordinary human beings.


The story then heads to a panel featuring Son Goku, who is peacefully making ends meet with an ordinary job.

However, nothing is simple with Goku so, in the middle of his job, he runs into a group of bandits who posed as innocent people with a broken down car in the middle of the road. As soon as the bandits realized that Goku was using a high-tech model of a truck, which comes from Bulma’s company, they jumped at the opportunity to rob Goku.

This doesn’t bother Goku and in fact, he remained unfazed when the bandits attacked him but when he realized he was hit with one of the bullets, he decided he needed to go back to training. Shortly after defeating the bandits and giving them to the authorities in exchange for a hefty prize, Goku contacts Universe 7’s angel, Whis to inform him that he’s ready to train once again.


Vegeta trains with Whis

Whis couldn’t answer Goku’s calls immediately since the angel was in the middle of training another Saiyan. Vegeta apparently beat Goku to it and has been training with the angel for quite some time now, while Universe 7’s god of destruction looks on, bored and uninterested.

According to Whis, Vegeta has been improving a lot since the Saiyan has begun to fight with less wasted movements, which saves him a lot of energy. Vegeta continued training with Whis until Beerus challenged him to a fight, which is a rare occurrence in “Dragon Ball Super.”

Shortly after the grueling fight with Beerus, Vegeta ends the training and tells the god and angel that he won’t be training for a while because his wife, Bulma, is set to give birth to their second child soon. Goku, who was informed of this, couldn’t understand why Vegeta would prioritize his wife’s pregnancy over his training.


The beginning of the end

In “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 27, Goku was initially supposed to train with Beerus and Whis but Goku remembered he needed to talk to the Omni King about his tournament idea. Beerus and Whis tried to talk Goku out of it because they knew that a tournament from Zen-Oh will have unexpected consequences.

The new chapter reminded fans of how the Tournament of Power started, refreshing memories that Goku was the root of the evil tournament that put eight universes in danger. Despite Beerus and Whis’ warnings, Goku stubbornly goes to the Omni King to plan out the dreaded tournament.