"#Dragon Ball Super" is becoming increasingly interesting every day, due to leaks from various sources like Ken Xyro on Twitter, and also Toshio, an official writer for "#Dragon Ball Super."

These publications have never contained an error. If there is a transformation of Super Saiyan Blue, it is mentioned, but this time it is written that Goku [VIDEO] will become a Super Saiyan God [VIDEO]. Super Saiyan God is the form that #Goku presented in the first episodes of "Dragon Ball Super," -- which will allow him to possess the ki of the Gods for the first time. If Goku becomes Super Saiyan God, he will have a higher level of resistance and will be more powerful overall than the Super Saiyan Blue phase.

Synopsis of Chapter 104

Chapter 104 is set to be released on August 20th, and the synopsis mentions that Dyspo of Universe 11 will be facing Hit from Universe 6. Strangely, from what we have seen, we did not think Dyspo had any chance against Hit, but, according to the recent leaks, Dyspo will block Hit's moves at super speed. Upon seeing this, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan God and helps Hit. With this, we can safely assume that Dyspo will be beaten.

Gohan a true hero

Gohan could be the winner of the tournament for many reasons, as his power has grown considerably, thanks to the training from his teacher, Picollo. His level is below the level of a god, but his potential is high, so he could soon reach the power level that Goku, Frieza, and others have. Gohan has to defend his universe, so the idea that he can win the tournament is not far-fetched since his greatest source of power is the great love he feels for his wife and daughter.

His final battle could be against Jiren, however, it is too early to speculate, because this theory should be taken with a grain of salt. Given Goku's recent transformation, everything seems to indicate that Goku will be the character to achieve victory in the tournament.

In "Dragon Ball Super," Gohan is far from the boy he used to be. As a man with a baby to protect, he understands the great responsibility of being a defender of the Earth, which motivates him to give everything he's got in the Tournament of Power.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, it will be published. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, and don't forget to tune in to the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" to find out what happens in the Tournament of Power.