Only a few hours separate us from the long awaited opening of episode 104, where we will see the expected return of the Super Saiyan God! Also anticipated is the fight between Dyspo and Hit, and the possible participation of the fearsome Jiren, who could prove once again that he is the most powerful warrior in the tournament.

Official images

Today two new images corresponding to this episode have been revealed.


Although the images are not very relevant to the plot of the chapter, we will analyze them below.

In the first image, we see Hit, who is wounded and seems to be cornered. This is due to the attacks of the fast Dyspo, who thanks to the help of his partner, is causing serious problems for Hit.

In the second image, we see Jiren, Toppo, and the other member of the pride troopers who will help Dyspo in his battle against Hit. We do not know the name of this new pride trooper as of yet. In the image, we can see that the 3 characters observe something or someone.

We think they are watching both Goku and Hit, after the battle they had against Dyspo. However, this is speculation, since the scene that shows us this image may be prior to the battle between Dyspo and Hit before the strange blue character joins the combat.


Episode 104 will be centered on the Captain of the Universe 6, who will be in serious trouble as he confronts 2 members of the pride troopers of the Universe 11. Hit, who we believe is one of the most powerful warriors in the entire tournament of power, is being overwhelmed by the combined techniques of Dyspo and his partner, since the latter will stop Hit with power wires that he creates with his own KI, while Dyspo attacks the hitman quickly.


After this, Goku will go to his aid, joining the battle so that Hit does not fall off the platform, avoiding what would be the future elimination of the universe 6, since losing its most powerful warrior, the universe of Champa would be condemned.

The return of the Super Saiyan God

Goku returns to use the first god state that we could see in "Dragon Ball," with which he fought for the first time against Beerus. This is done in order not to spend more energy, since in his last fights he used too much power of the Super Saiyan blue, so it is risky to continue using so much power, since at the end of the tournament he will not be able to use 100% Power of his most powerful transformation.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, We will publish it immediately. For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “#Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.