Episode 103 of the hit series by Akira Toriyama will be released today and will be a very special episode. #Gohan, who is one of the characters most loved by fans, will be the great protagonist. We also expect to see some scenes containing Hit, who will have a tough fight in Chapter 104 [VIDEO].

A few hours ago, some scenes of this episode were revealed, so read on to see them and find out more.

Official images

The first image shows Ribrianne furiously attacking Android 17, who eliminated her partner from the tournament. After this, we see a powerful attack from the magic warrior of universe 2, which is set up to eliminate the most powerful android of the 7th universe.

Then, we see Picollo and Gohan, who watch the fighting in the tournament. I estimate this scene takes place before the great battle of Gohan against Botamo of universe 10. In this battle, Gohan will utilize a great deal of power to eliminate his enemies.

The third image is also of Gohan. It appears he is in trouble while fighting against a tough adversary from universe 10. However, thanks to the synopsis revealed during the week, we know that Gohan will get the victory.

The last image shows Goku and Android 17, which could briefly team up to fight the fury of the magical warrior from universe 2. The image is very epic, as we see the android who once wanted to kill Goku Now fight at his side.

Plot Keywords:

Episode 103 will be centered on Gohan, who has stuck to the plan created jointly with the Kaioshin. He decides the fighters of universe 7 will be better off if they separate due to the conditions of the fighting stage.

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After this, Gohan will use a great part of his power to eliminate universe 10.

Universe 10 is where Goku Black originated, who was the antagonist of the previous saga. Now, due to the ineptitude of Kaioshin Gowazu and the God of destruction, the 10 warriors of his universe will be eliminated. After this, the king of all will erase his universe.

Finally, we do not know if Vegeta, Goku, and the others will participate in this chapter because the preview shows us scenes of Gohan as the protagonist. Even so, fans love Goku's son, so this episode is one of the most anticipated.

This was the most recent news from the world of "#Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, I will publish it immediately. For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “#Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.