Dragon Ball Super” has just showcased Master Roshi’s intense but heart-rending battle against the warriors from Universe 4, where he briefly kissed death after the match that put his life at stake. Fortunately, Goku was there to the rescue and revived the old master using his God Ki, which was one of the most emotional scenes that everyone has witnessed in the anime. The upcoming episode will also showcase the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta using yet again one of his signature attacks in the battlefield.

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This will happen when the Universe 7 fighters have to fight side-by-side against an unseen attacker [VIDEO] that even Goku will have a hard time to pin down.

Vegeta is back in his signature move

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 has been released showing Vegeta unleashing his powerful Galick Gun or Garlic Cannon while he teams up with Goku and Tenshinhan in an attempt to take down the invisible opponent.

The preview shows both the Saiyan fighters releasing their powerful attacks – Kamehameha Beam for Goku and the Galick Gun for Vegeta to defeat the unseen opponent. Apparently, the prince of all Saiyans releases his own Ki Blast, and his signature attack’s unique color means a destruction of the opponent from yet to be identified team. Gohan and Piccolo both have a hard time against the unseen opponent [VIDEO] who keeps attacking them. However, Goku’s Kamehameha and Vegeta’s Galick Gun would be enough to pin down the unseen enemy.

Vegeta's Galick Gun

When the preview for the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” episode shows the distinct color of Vegeta’s attack, we all know that this is the Galick Gun that he’s releasing. This signature move of the prince of all Saiyans has been seen several times in the anime.

It can be recalled when he also used this during his battle against Zamasu and Goku Black. Vegeta used his signature energy attack for the first time on Goku during “DBZ” Vegeta Saga. The Galick Gun is similar to Kamehameha and as powerful as Goku’s Kaoi-Ken Kamehameha Level 3 and is able to obliterate planets as long as there is enough energy drawn off into it.

The Galick Gun though has many different variations, and one of these will be used during “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106. The variations include the Galick Beam, Final Galick Cannon, Final Burst Cannon, Galick Blazer, Garlic Fire, Galick Cannon, Double Galick Cannon, Super Galick Gun, among others. The infamous Galick Kamehameha is a fusion between Goku’s Kamehameha and Vegeta’s Galick Gun. We never know if both Saiyans will use it in the battle against the unseen attacker!

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 106 is titled “Find it Out! Death Match Against an Unseen Attacker!” It is set to air on September 3. Stay tuned!