The first promotional trailer for the new Dragon Ball Super” and “One Piece” episodes have been released by Fuji TV and Toei Animation. The promo also showcases the upcoming battle between Goku and Jiren of Universe 11. Warning: This article contains spoilers.

New promo trailer for October

The newly released video trailer features scenes from the one-hour specials from “One Piece” and Dragon Ball Super.” According to Herms98, in the promo, the narrator asks who will win in the limit-breaking battle featuring Son Goku and his arch rival from Universe 11, Jiren.

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Watch the trailer below.

Producer Hiroyuki Sakurada’s commentary

According to Kanzenshuu, Sakurada talked about the new specials slated to air this October. The producer commented that the greatest Tournament of Power is being held in the anime series to decide the fate of the universes.

He added that in October, the Universe 7 warrior Goku faces his strongest enemy Jiren. He teased that from there on it will be a continuous run from Goku and his team’s fight to the finale of the Tournament of Power. Sakurada mentioned that fans can expect shocking surprises in the special episodes. It is being called as a one-hour autumn special. He mentioned that both the series are set to offer something special to the fans - DBS will be unveiling the ultimate climax while "One Piece" will be celebrating its 20th anniversary leading to two super Sundays for the viewers.

Schedule for September and October

On Sunday, Sept. 3, the anime show's Episode 106 [VIDEO] titled “Find Him! Death Match With An Unseen Attacker” will be aired on Fuji TV. Meanwhile, there is no “DBS” episode airing on Sept. 10 because of Dragon Ball Run which is scheduled to telecast on the said date.

Episode 107 is likely to air on Sept. 17 and Episode 108 will air on Sept. 24.

On Sunday, Oct. 1, the “One Piece” special installment is scheduled to telecast and it will be a one-hour episode. The following week will air the DBS [VIDEO] special on Oct. 8. Meanwhile, this week, on the show, Gohan and Piccolo are up against an enemy who is known for being untraceable during a fight. They battle Doctor Rota, but Rota is shot down by an unnamed opponent and his next targets are Gohan and Piccolo. Can they counter attack this mysterious fighter? During the episode, Tenshinhan will arrive to help the duo out using his special powers. This enemy remains mystical as it is difficult to find him as well as sense his ki.