A new image reportedly confirming Goku’s new Form in “Dragon Ball Super” surfaced on the web recently. During the commencement of the Tournament of Power, fans have been talking about an image showing an exposed back, with black hair and a red aura surrounding his body.

New leak

The specualtion about Goku’s new form from the image launched during the start of the tournament, with the title, The Works of the Gods Ends Here, have not yet ceased. However, a new image allegedly confirming the previous speculations about the hero’s new form has been seen in “Dragon Ball Super” merchandise. According to speculations, the latest image may have been accidentally leaked.

In Japan, a new magazine was launched and it featured a plethora of merchandise pertaining to the popular anime series. Interestingly, one of the images advertising a chocolate fashioned after the shape of the series’ protagonist, has an image of Goku’s new form. The image can be found on the top right corner, which appears to be powering up beside his SS Blue form.

The promotional art for the chocolate product revealed the Earth’s Super Saiyan with red hair styled in the way of a fighter who has achieved a Super Saiyan form. While there are speculations that this could be referring to the SS God form, the magenta color, and the full spike were not present in the image.

Theories of Goku’s new form

Since the release of the celebratory image for the Tournament of Power, fans have varying theories about the protagonist’s new form or new transformation.

One theory that has amassed numerous following is the Limit Breaker. According to this theory, Goku will be able to break beyond his limits and achieve a new powerful form. This is also linked to the opening song of the anime series titled Limit X Breaker.

Another theory about the hero’s new form claims that he has discovered a way to master the use of his God Ki. This has a resemblance to Gohan’s Mystique Form and entails no prominent physical changes in the Saiyan but rather an extremely intense level of power. This is also, in a way, similar to Limit Breaker as those who believe in this theory also claim that Goku was able to break through his usual self and perfected his God Ki.

While these are all speculations, fans are excited to see if indeed the anime series’ main protagonist will debut a new form in “Dragon Ball Super.” With the episodes getting more intense in the Tournament of Power, it is only a matter of time before the Earth’s Super Saiyan will display his new form.