Akira Toriyama’s “#Dragon Ball Super has been one of the most popular anime series of all time since it originally premiered in July 2015. A sequel to the infamous “DB” series, the anime’s long-time and main protagonist, Son Goku has captured the heart of millions of fans worldwide for his determination to defend the Earth. People from all walks of life who grew up watching the series have also been following the newest hit anime, and everyone doesn’t even want it to end. However, all things come to an end but for “DBS,” it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Recently, Goku’s voice actress teased that the anime might just reach hundreds of episodes soon.

How long does 'DBS' end?

“Dragon Ball Super” has just reached its 100th episode, which was aired on July 23. Masako Nozawa, who voices Goku happily said that since the anime might reach its 100th episode that quick, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the 200th episode will be here anytime soon. What’s more interesting is that she teased that they are targeting for a total of 700 episodes [VIDEO] for the anime series, which excites all fans. “These days, I am very happy that I have received many messages from the fans almost every day. Even when I walk outside, people say to me like, 'I watch it every week,' or 'It's exciting,” she said. “Based on the number of the [“DB”], [“DBS”] is aiming to reach its 700th episode. Fans of the series, I look forward to your ongoing support.”

So, there you have it, folks.

“Dragon Ball Super” might just hang around forever if Nozawa is true to her words that they aim to deliver a total of 700 episodes. It’s not a secret that everyone is going crazy about the anime’s current #Universal Survival Arc, which is now rolling off its final #Tournament of Power. The battle royal pits all eight participating universes to defend their homes from the Omni-King’s annihilation.

Tournament of Power

Right now, “Dragon Ball Super” is already in its 102nd episode, which was aired last weekend. Universe 9 has been wiped out by the Zen-Oh as the first team to get defeated in the deadly martial arts tournament. Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump released the synopsis for the upcoming episodes, which reveals the next universe to be destroyed. Unfortunately, the guys from Universe 10 will soon be defeated through Gohan’s efforts. Thus, the team’s loss means annihilation, which leaves six universes to fight against each other for survival.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 104 titled “A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku And Hit’s Joint Front!!” is expected to air on August 20. Stay tuned!