The tournament of power is going through key moments as the weaker warriors are falling as the minutes pass by. After this, the most powerful individuals of the eight universes involved continue standing, ready for the final battles.

One of these individuals is Gohan [VIDEO], who will have great relevance in the next chapters, condemning a known universe fighter to his elimination. On the other hand, Hit, the hit man of the universe 6, will be in serious trouble, although he will be rescued by an unexpected ally.

Chapter 103

Gohan recovers his ultimate form, and he lands a flurry of punches to Botamo on repeated occasions without obtaining results.

However, Botamo falls off the platform after receiving the impact of a Kamehameha [VIDEO]. Gohan goes in search of the next rival which is UPO. Both begin a tough battle, but Gohan's punches are more effective.

Chapter 104

Dyspo of universe 11 fight against Hit. The proud warrior of the Eleventh Universe blocks the movements of Hit by attacking him and with balls of light. Upon seeing this, #Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God and lands in front of Dyspo, saying that the beats of his heart are pure emotion.

Those were the summaries of chapters 103 and 104 of "#Dragon Ball Super." However, a small fragment of episode 105 was revealed, which mentions something that many already speculate, and is that Master Roshi could give his life in the tournament of the power since this fragment mentions the following thing: "A brave fight! Master Roshi plays his life! "

As you see, Goku's former master will be able to deposit all his energies into a single powerful attack, in order to eliminate a hard adversary.

After this, he would lose his life by exhausting all his life energy.

On the other hand, the new summaries are very interesting, as they reveal that Botamo will be eliminated by Gohan and, in addition, Gohan will be in charge of eliminating the remaining warriors of universe 10, so that Gohan will have a prominent role In the next chapters.

Finally, in episode 104, we will see how Hit and Goku team up to defeat Dyspo of the universe 11 who gives Hit a lot of trouble. The curious thing about the abstract is that it mentions that Goku will become Super Saiyan God, but does not mention that it will turn into its blue state, so the Super Saiyan red god could make a return to the series. Goku would perform this transformation in order to not expend as much energy as Super Saiyan blue, which is his most powerful transformation yet. #Dragon Ball Super