Episode 105 of “Dragon Ball Super” gives an air of nostalgia to the fandom. Muten Roshi takes center stage and showcases his strength and abilities despite his age. The current episode has interesting highlights and details that some fans might have missed.

Episode highlights

The episode opens with the Omni-Kings trying to count the remaining universes and fighters in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” There is a scene that shows the most powerful entities in the multiverse have forgotten how to count.


While having a hard time recalling the next number in the sequence, the Omni-Kings finally settle on saying "a lot" instead of continuing the count. Meanwhile, with almost half of the warriors already eliminated, the Muten Roshi decided to fight in episode 105.

In the spoilers released a few days ago, it was revealed that Muten Roshi has a secret plan in the Tournament of Power. It appears that the whole time the fighters are in the arena fighting against other warriors, the aged Z fighter is observing and studying every fighter’s technique and fighting style.

His secret plan is getting information about the fighting style of the other fighters.

Opponents and techniques used

Roshi rings out the enticing Caway who tried to seduce him. Instead of fighting, the aged mentor powers-up and sends Caway running away from him and out of the arena in fear that the old man will get her for a wife. Another lady warrior from Universe4 named Darkori who can create 76 attacks and 129 illusions attempts to defeat the Turtle Hermit. She tries to pin Roshi’s shadow and bound him.


However, the Turtle Hermit brings along with him a container and performs the Evil Containment Wave to force Dakori into the container.

The problem with this technique is that it sacrifices its user’s life. This is one of the reasons why Krillin got worried after Roshi launches the technique. Aside from Dakori, another warrior from Universe4 attacks him. Ganos would like to avenge his team mates by defeating the Turtle Hermit. However, Roshi’s experience and wisdom enable him to read his opponent’s moves.

With the way Roshi fights, Ganos is scaled down to look like an amateur in the fight.

Ganos powers-up and transform into a bird-looking creature. As the fight continues, his power increases and Roshi, aware of this would like to defeat him. He lets out the Sleepy Boy Hypnosis technique. At first, it bounds Ganos, but the birdlike fighter hits himself to break the spell.

He then launches a torrent of punches that directly hit Muten Roshi. Goku and Krillin’s mentor lets out a powerful Kamehameha and sends Ganos out of the arena.


Roshi collapses and Goku rushes to his side. Goku uses his Ki Blast to revive his mentor.

Roshi decided to fight in the Tournament of Power because he has already observed how the fighters fight giving him advantage. He would also like to take down fighters who use illusions or talismans as it will tire Goku and his other team mates. His fighting techniques bring an air of nostalgia to the fandom as it gives a “Dragon BallZ” feel again.

In this episode, Muten Roshi did not just show his skills and abilities. He reveals that he has surpassed his limits. However, there are more opponents, and the fight is not yet over. The Tournament of power in “Dragon Ball Super” has only 34 remaining minutes before it comes to an end.