Yes, we might just have received a confirmation of Son #Goku’s new Super Saiyan #Form in “#Dragon Ball Super.” In the past days, a known “DBS” staff named Toshio Yoshita had been causing a stir among fans as he divulged several spoilers regarding the series yet-to-be-shown episodes.

The extent of Toshio’s role in “Dragon Ball Super” production is unknown but being an internal staff his credence and his revelations are highly regarded. Over on Twitter, he leaked that a rematch between Vegeta and Hit would be happening in the upcoming episode. And his rampage did not end there, he might have unintentionally confirmed that Goku would be getting a new form.

You can click on the image icon above to see screen captures of his tweets.

“Birth of new form”

A “DBS” fan @JOEJOEAW22 asked him a quick question on Twitter, “Will Goku have a new form?” To which Toshio responded, “It’s a secret!” But the response did not end there, our beloved “DBS” staff noted that he’s expecting for the "birth of new form."

Some eagle eyes fans pointed out that the exclamation mark was highlighted in red and used a different font. Having this intel at hand, it seemed that Toshio was teasing another episode leak in the Universal Survival Ark.


Before we proceed, I need to give you a disclaimer. Tosho’s remark is a potential confirmation. However, the “Dragon Ball Super” writing staff replied to his own tweet and clarified that what he intended to say was he would like Goku to have a new form.

Furthermore, he apologized for his mistake and admitted that his English wasn’t that good and still in the process of learning the language.

The real score on Toshio’s new leak

Obviously, there are conflicting messages in this Twitter exchange. While Toshio initially hinted that he’s expecting for a new Saiyan form, he also replied back that there was an error to his wordings due to language barrier per se. But the word had been sent out already to “DBS” community.

According to Anime Live Reactions, Toshio’s disclaimer tweet might be prompted by “Dragon Ball Super” production team. As mentioned earlier, the extent of his participation in “DBS” remains unknown. He could be a line writer and somebody who’s not involved in making the decision on which plot would be aired for the official release.

However, Toshio’s role boils down to two possibilities. First, he mistakenly said something he’s not supposed to say. Or, he only mentioned what he wanted to happen but wasn’t meant to happen.

For now, we need to watch “Dragon Ball Super” this Sunday, August 6 to know what's the truth behind Toshio's rampage.