Naruto is unable to locate to Shin and his clones as they either went far away or escaped inside a barrier. Shin has abducted Sakura. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the recently aired “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” episode.

Where is Sakura?

Naruto is unable to sense Sakura’s chakra at all, and that has made it difficult for them to locate her. Meanwhile, at Shin’s hideout, his clones have surrounded Sakura and he orders them to keep a close watch on her. Shin and one of his clones are wounded after Sakura attacked them in the previous installment.

Heartless Shin

Sakura tells him that his child needs medical attention immediately, or he will be in danger. She offers to help. But, Shin tells her that the children are mere clones created by culturing his teeth and nerves.


He goes on to reveal that Orochimaru was his master and he was his ultimate test subject. Meanwhile, the blades start to dissect the wounded clone leaving Sakura shocked.

Orochimaru’s hideout

Naruto tells Sarada and others that this time the enemy is connected to Orochimaru. “I have heard of him before. He is a notorious criminal who tried to destroy Hidden Leaf Village a long time ago,” Sarada says. Sasuke interrupts the conversation and tells them that the guy who calls himself Shin Uchiha, his left arm was implanted with multiple Sharingan. And, the only one capable of attempting something like that is Orochimaru. Cho-Cho wonders if Sarada’s mother was taken to Orochimaru’s den. But, Naruto thinks that it is impossible as they have Leaf Shinobi keeping strict surveillance on him.


Sasuke suggests that they need to find out all they can from Orochimaru.

Later, they head to his research lab. But, b is shocked to see how calm her dad is. Naruto tells her that she must go as they may be able to see those people in the photo. Meanwhile, Shin tells Sakura that living creatures never die, their bodies decompose, but the genes through reproductive cells survive forever. For him, death is the expiration of the disposable corporeal vessel. Weak genes perish, and strong genes can create more powerful beings.

Elsewhere, Sasuke and company reach Orochimaru’s lab. Finally, Sarada meets two people from the photograph in the lab. One of them Suigetsu runs an experiment that determines that Sakura is not Sarada’s real mother.


She is left devastated and questions her parents. But, Naruto and Sarada have a heart-to-heart dialogue, and she finally learns how important Sakura is in her life. Towards the end of the episode, she vows that she will rescue her mother. In “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” episode 23, Sasuke and Sakura fight the clones and Shin.