Sakura is kidnapped by Shin in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Season 1, Episode 22. Shin is a mystical enemy and even Naruto is having trouble dealing with him. Warning: This article contains spoilers for next week’s episode. Read only if you wish to know more.

Official synopsis

“Mysterious enemy named Shin captures Sakura and leaves Sarada stunned. Even Naruto with his superior sensory skills is not able to track her. Meanwhile, Sasuke wonders about the number of Sharingan in Shin’s arm.

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The group decides to visit Orochimaru’s lair to look for clues about the arm,” according to the official summary for the upcoming installment via Ken Xyro. Watch the promo trailer below:

Episode 21: quick recap

The episode kicks off with Sarada discovering an old family photograph and she is surprised to see a woman next to her dad.

She wonders who she is. Elsewhere, Sasuke’s hawk has a message for Naruto and he quickly leaves to get the details from him personally. Sarada overhears the Seventh Hokage’s conversation about meeting Sasuke. He reveals that he is leaving a Shadow Clone in the village.

She is on her way to meet Sasuke. She meets him but he appears a bit cold. Sarada tells him that she knew from the start that he is her father. Naruto and Cho-Cho interrupt the father-daughter reunion. Meanwhile, Cho-Cho is mesmerized by his looks, while Naruto apologizes for being late. Sasuke asks him why he brought them with him, and at this moment, Sarada is angry and she tells him that she came to see him. She tells him that she came all the way to ask something. “Is mom… my real mom?” she asks. Meanwhile, Sakura is in the hospital resting, and she is told that Sasuke’s absence affected her daughter deeply.

Sarada is devastated

Sakura fears that if Sarada learns that Sasuke was an enemy of the Hidden Leaf at one time it will not be good for her. She feels she has failed as a mother. Meanwhile, Sasuke gets on Sarada’s nerves and she confronts him. She shows him the photograph and wants to know who is standing next to him. She is stuck between her mom and dad. She blasts him by saying that she can’t trust any of them and the whole thing is a mess. But, Sasuke tells her that she should mind her business and what he does has nothing to do with her. The entire episode showcases Sarada’s struggle to deal with her dad. The next "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" [VIDEO] episode is slated to air next Tuesday on TV Tokyo.