After weeks of waiting,#Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is finally on its way to start the highly anticipated #Naruto Gaiden Arc. The first major story line wrapped up last July 19 with episode 16 titled "Crisis: The Threat of Failing!" and a bunch of filler episode followed it. The new story that was based on the fan-favorite epilog manga will kick off with episode 19 titled “Uchiha #Sarada. ”

Sarada’s daddy problems

Sarada and her family were partly introduced in episode 17 where the show hinted that Sarada misses her father so much but her mother, Sakura couldn’t do something about it. In the Gaiden Arc, the students at the Academy are nearing their graduation, and Sarada’s classmates are busy training with their fathers.

Even Boruto who doesn’t spend time with Naruto had their father and son training to prepare for the final test and seeing every one of them made Sarada jealous. Furthermore, it made Sarada long for her father who is not around as far as she can remember and these feeling will prompt her to investigate on her father’s whereabouts.

Sarada will confront her mother on why Sasuke was not around, where he is and what is he doing. However, Sakura will just dodge all the questions regarding Sasuke which made Sarada suspicious. According to the episode guide provided by Ken Xyro, the lady Uchiha will discover a photograph of her father with another woman that wears the same glasses like her. Based on her discovery, Sarada will assume that the woman in the photo was her birth mother and she will go and confirm it to her father personally.

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Fans over-hyped?

The anime adaptation of the famous manga, “Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring” is generating much hype for the series like no other. The new story seems that it will be more action oriented compared to the Ghost Arc because of Shin Uchiha who will play as the main protagonist of the installment. However, few fans claimed that the others are over-hyped where they mentioned that it is weird that the saga is getting much attention.

Other enthusiast said that the new storyline is just getting attention because of Uchiha Sasuke’s popularity among the “Naruto” fans. They also added that in the Gaiden will be the first battle that Naruto will take part ever since the start of the series and fans just want to see the older Naruto in action. In any way, let’s just wait and see if “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” will meet the standards of every fan in the upcoming arc.