After the thrilling Ghost Arc,#Boruto: #Naruto Next Generations” proceeded with a series of filler episodes to make time and prepare for the next major story line. The latest episode titled “A Day In The Life Of The Uzumaki Family” was the last of the filler excursion and the next episode will be the official start of the most awaited Naruto Gaiden Arc. Furthermore, episode 18 was divided into two halves where the first 10 minutes featured the OVA clip that was included in the home video release of “Boruto -Naruto the Movie,” while the second half offered us some father-son bonding.

The Day Naruto Became Hokage

Episode 18 kicked off with a cold-stricken Himawari and her caring brother Boruto looking after her.

Boruto noticed their family photo that was taken during the 7th Hokage Inauguration Ceremony that reminded him of that fateful day when his father was officially announced as the leader of the village. A flashback ensued when Naruto became a Hokage and Himawari first awakened her Byakugan.

For those who don't know the short OVA, it focused more on Naruto’s offsprings rather than his inauguration. While preparing for the ceremony the two kids were arguing whether to bring Himawari’s plush toy that resulted in a violent encounter that will scar Boruto and Naruto for life. The sibling quarrel ultimately destroyed Himawari’s favorite toy which triggered her latent Byakugan. Naruto found himself on the receiving end of his daughter’s wrath when the soon to be Hokage received the attacked directed at Boruto.

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Father and son night out

The second half of the episode focused on the complicated relationship of Boruto and Naruto as father and son. As per the usual set up, Boruto always shunned his father because he felt the Hokage have left their family to work as the village chief. Naruto, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to express his feelings to Boruto because he didn’t experience having a father of his own. However, the two of them managed to blend in their chemistry and went to grab a bite together.

Naruto brought his son to his favorite ramen stand that evolved together with the modernized Konoha as a big and classy restaurant. The all so busy leader of the village attempts to get closer and have a catch up with his son with the good food at Ichiraku and reminiscing the good old days. Somehow, the series showed us that Boruto loved his father dearly and he is just sad because they are not getting much time together like what they’ve done at Ichiraku.

All in all, the two plots presented in episode 18 are loosely connected, but the main theme appears to be all about family.

The latest installment is not as good as the previous one, but it has good and strong moments that give the nod to the original series like the lifetime all-you-can-eat coupon that Mr. Teuchi gave Naruto as a wedding gift. Furthermore, there is also a bunch of surprising jokes in the episode like how Hinata is the Legendary Queen of Gluttony record with 46 bowls under her belt. For more thrilling and funny events, let’s just watch out for "#Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" every Wednesday on Crunchyroll.