The latest chapter of the original manga series ofBoruto: Naruto Next Generations has been finally released and it moves forward with the revelation of new information. The new chapter picks up immediately after Boruto’s rescue stint and somehow things get a little out of hand.

Sarada and Mitsuki to the rescue

In the earlier chapters of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Boruto Uzumaki dropped his special ninja mission to rescue his friend, Tentou Madoka, who was kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits. The Mujina Bandits Arc kicked off when Boruto accepted an assignment to look after Tentou for a day, which was before the latter was abducted.

The Mujina Bandits are led by deadly a rogue ninja called Shojoji, who had the gruesome ability to take over one’s identity and skills by devouring his target.


Shojoji was able to easily kidnap Tentou because he disguised himself as the household butler.

However, Boruto was able to learn about Tentou’s predicament and he did not think twice of abandoning his mission. Before heading off to where Shojoji and Tentou were located, Boruto made sure to inform Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki of his abrupt decisions.

In the previous chapter, Boruto went up against Shojoji despite the huge gap in skills and fighting experience. The young Uzumaki was only able to defeat the rogue ninja after Tentou helped in distracting the latter.

In “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” chapter 15, Tentou and Boruto are rejoicing after taking down Shojoji but they quickly learned that someone of Shojoji’s caliber won’t be easily put down with mere tricks.


The Mujina Bandits leader regains consciousness and charges at Boruto but hesitates when the young one suddenly shows a distinctive cursed mark.

Somehow, this cursed mark has weakened Boruto, making it impossible for him to counterattack. Just before they were about to be devoured by Shojoji, Sarada and Mitsuki arrives just in time to save the day.

Sasuke appears, new villains introduced

After a dull start, the story of the manga series is finally picking up after the Mujina Bandits Arc ended with the reveal of new details. Sasuke Uchiha has finally appeared in the manga with other old characters like Sai Yamanaka to interrogate Shojoji.

Apparently, Boruto’s seal, which was revealed in the beginning of the manga series and the anime adaptation series, was a new kind of cursed mark that even Sasuke had no idea what it was.


It seems like the Naruto, Sasuke, and their friends have been on the lookout for any information regarding Boruto’s condition, without alerting the young Uzumaki of his cursed mark.

Shojoji revealed that a mysterious robed group called Kara has been going around lately, collecting information about various seals or jujitsu like the ones possessed by Boruto and Kawaki. Shojoji even compared Boruto’s seal to Orochimaru’s cursed seal, which was revealed in the “Naruto” series and revealed that he's never seen anything like Boruto’s.