It's been a while since the conclusion of the second season of "Attack on Titan." With Eren's newfound power, fans are under the impression that he will be able to control the Titans in the future. Humanity's hope for freedom is once again alive. However, there is just one problem that anime viewers don't know about: Eren can't use his newfound power.

Eren and his new power

The last episode of the second season heavily emphasized the importance of Eren's punching moment. Why are there stripes all over his face when he hasn't transformed into a titan? Why did his regeneration speed up right before he punched the smiling Titan? And why was he able to temporarily control the behavior of the nearest mindless Titans?

All manga readers know about Eren's newfound power and its restrictions.


It involves a lot of history and spoilers, so if you don't want to get spoiled, scroll no further.

The truth about the smiling Titan is that she was once a human. In fact, she is the first wife of Grisha Yaeger, Eren's father. But for some circumstances unrelated to the topic, she was turned into a mindless Titan. Her name is Dina Yeager, and she's a member of the "royal family."

It was, in fact, a fortunate event that Eren stumbled upon Dina. Eren does not only have the Attack Titan power, but he also has the Coordinate, the power of the Founding Titan. The Founding Titan can affect the behavior of the other Titans. The Coordinate's power can only be used by people who possess royal blood. Even though Eren had the power in his body, he can't just use it at his volition.

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But how did Eren made those Titans attack the Smiling Titan?

The power of the Founding Titan was triggered when Eren touched Dina. Eren was able to use the power because Dina's royal blood triggered the Coordinate. It is implied that Eren needs to touch someone with a Royal Blood to use the power of the Founding Titan.

There's Historia

Fan theories suggest that Eren needs to consume Historia to transfer the Royal Blood. I doubt that Eren would agree to such an arrangement. There is no assurance that Eren would have a royal power by consuming Historia.

There is another catch in using Eren's newfound power. What if the power of the Coordinate would only manifest if Eren would touch a person with Royal Blood in Titan form? So far, the only time he demonstrated the power of the Coordinate is the time when he touched Dina Yeager.


If that's the case, the other option would be to make Historia a mindless Titan and feed Annie to her. Historia would then possess the female Titan's power. In that way, the Attack Titan and the Female Titan would be able to join forces in the battle. Eren would only need to touch Historia to use the power of the Coordinate.