The spoilers for the latest chapter of "Shingeki no Kyojin"/ "Attack on Titan" are out, and by the looks of it, the manga will continue to stay in the Marley saga. After showing the current state of affairs in the Marley continent four years since the Battle of Shiganshina, Hajime Isayama focuses on the journey of Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart and Bertlolt Hoover before the fall of Wall Maria. This chapter also relives the horror of the titan attack in Shiganshina from the Warriors’ point of view.

Reiner-Annie Conflict

Reiner and Annie were not the best of friends from the start. While the young Braun wanted to accomplish the mission for the honor of Marley and Eldian people, Annie never concealed her true objective.

She wanted the mission done as swift as they could so she can return home and be with his father. In fact, Annie never bought into the Marley’s brainwashing propaganda.

Also, since they lost the Jaw Titan and their leader Marcel in the process, Annie believed their mission had already failed. Reiner tried to rebuke her statement but all he got was kicks and stomps from a furious Annie.

Gate of Hope

The title of chapter 96, the Gate of Hope is none other than the entrance of Wall Maria, where everything begins. After the beat down he took from Annie, Reiner finally made up his mind of becoming just like Marcel, the leader of his team. He did this by strangling Annie while uttering this phrase: “Reiner’dead. If you say we need Marcel, then I’ll become Marcel. This is the only way for us to make it back home.”

Reiner, Bertolt and Annie escaped a horde of titans before finally approaching Wall Maria.

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At the gate, Bertolt used his power to turn into Colossus Titan. He had a glimpse of the Shiganshina trio (Eren, Mikasa and Armin) before he kicked the entrance, creating a hole in Wall Maria for the first time in 200 years. The Smiling Titan made another appearance in this chapter. Dina Fritz titanized form noticed a helpless Bertolt (exhausted from his titan transformation), but surprisingly ignored him.

A New Chapter Begins

Reiner, Bertolt and Annie infiltrated the wall as planned. They mixed in well with other refugees, including the Shiganshina Trio. At the point, Reiner promised to become a true warrior and accomplish their mission at all cost. The RBM trio then plotted their next step in their plan to acquire the Founding Titan power.

Aware that the current monarch in the wall is nothing more than a sham, Annie suggested to work as a servant to one of the royal houses loyal to the true rulers of the wall. She even considered seducing one of the noble men just to acquire information vital to their mission, but Bertolt (perhaps out of jealousy) talked her out of that idea.

In the end, the RBM trio eventually decided to join the central military. The chapter ends with the head instructor of the 104th training corps Keith Shadis giving Reiner some pep-talk.

The 96th chapter of "Shingeki no Kyojin"/ "Attack On Titan" is included in the September edition of the Bessatsu Monthly Shonen scheduled for release on August 9 in Japan.