For all of you Anime lovers out there, I know how hard it can be to find a anime that's worth your time. It's disheartening to watch an anime for 20 episodes until you realize that the same pattern is repeating or the show just can't hold your interest. "Shingeki no Kyojin" or "Attack on Titan" boasts a captivating story, good character build-up and a whole lot of action and carnage. Written and Illustrated by Hajime Isayama, the manga was adapted into an Anime and the first season was released in April 2013.

The show is based in a world where all of humanity lives within the confines of three walls; Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena.

The walls exist to protect the humans from giant humanoid creatures called Titans who eat humans. The humans inside the wall have lived in peace for a hundred years within a society split according to class and rank.

The story initially revolves around Eren Yager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their childhood friend Armin Arlert who decide to join the military and fight the Titans after their town is destroyed by them.

High-tech aerial combat and lots of gore

The Titans are normally muscular in nature with skin that is hard to pierce and no reproductive organs. They seem all but invulnerable except for one weakness; a spot at the nape of their neck. The Army's Survey Corps and other soldiers use a high-tech tethering systems called Vertical Maneuvering Equipment to combat the Titans.

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The Vertical Maneuvering Equipment allows them to use trees, buildings or nearby walls to maneuver with the help of a grappling system so that they can attack the Titan's neck and destroy it. Be prepared for some insane maneuvering and stunts as the Survey Corps go head on with some mean looking Titans.

The many dark moments where characters completely give up on life after seeing the futility of their struggle and the death of their loved ones are quite chilling. As the Titans don't have a digestive system, they chew and spit out humans like a hairball. The sight of that is rather disgusting and sent despair into the soldiers.

Politics and corruption behind closed walls

The Army is split into three units. The Survey Corps, whose mission is to go out into Titan territory and reclaim lost land has a high casualty rate and a lack of accomplishments so they are ridiculed by the other units. The Garrison Regiment is responsible for protecting all the civilians behind the walls and then there's the Military Police who guard the Royal Family.

During the course of the show, it becomes apparent that just because Humanity faces a common enemy doesn't mean that they won't squabble among themselves. The Military Police usually stay within the innermost wall and live relatively relaxed lives. You can see the soldiers slowly indulge in corruption, fraud and political subterfuge for their own gains.

All said and done, there isn't a single boring moment throughout the Anime. Whether is raw human emotion and suffering, large-scale political ploys or just plain and simple action packed carnage, this show is sure to keep you captivated throughout.

Even though the Manga has shed light on the mystery of the Titans, as the show seems to be doing justice to the story, it seems wrong to give any spoilers. As someone who has read the manga series, I can only encourage you to watch the show as you definitely won't be disappointed! #Future #Attack On Titan