"Trainwreck" star Amy Schumer set the fat-shaming dogs howling posing nude in an odd Instagram photo. It was weird enough that the comedienne posed nude with her pooch. But the fact that she bared belly fat and all was just too much grossness for social media commenters. Taunts were made over weight loss [VIDEO], to which she retorted with some dubious body size claims. Is the "I Feel Pretty" actress a victim of cyberbullying or did she bring it on herself?

Schumer welcomes nude photo "leak"

There's been a spate of nude photo leaks on a site called Celebrity Jihad recently.

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Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, Audrina Partridge and Kate Hudson are a few who were targeted. Other Celebrities have been traumatized by unflattering photos shared.

Ironically, Amy Schumer was delighted with her almost nude selfie (she was wearing a thong over the lower bits and a dog in a hot dog costume covered the upper assets). She was happy to be photographed nude by Annie Leibovitz as well.

Naked hot dog photo gets cold shoulder

The Facebook and Twitter crowd aren't noted for their reticence. If they don't like something, they spell it out. Fat-shamers told Schumer to lose weight or find her clothes (preferably both). One informed her, in very explicit language, that obesity [VIDEO] is a major downer. This isn't the first time Amy has been body-shamed. In "Snatched" with Goldie Hawn, the celebrity's weight gain was noted and not too politely. Then Schumer made the mistake of sharing her dress size. It didn't go well.

Why doth the lady protest so much?

So obviously body-shaming is hurtful.

The good people of TLC reality television show "My 600-lb Life [VIDEO]" can attest to that. But the venom with which Amy Schumer bit back did betray some underlying insecurity. Instead of laughing it off, she bragged on Twitter that she's a size 6 and has no intention of changing. Many people doubted that Schumer is that small and assumed she was lying. It also sounded like she has an eating disorder.

Amy Schumer gives mixed messages on weight

Why did Amy feel the need to list her size if she's so body confident? Anorexia thrives in flawed body image. And then why did she make it sound as if she was okay with her "big" size when size 6 is considered small. Mama June of "Honey Boo Boo" made similarly odd claims of being size 4 after plastic surgery. No one doubted her weight loss until she exaggerated it. As for fat-shaming, folks would have been more sympathetic if Amy Schumer hadn't seemed to lie and then invited comment posing naked. No one expects a Sofia Vergara. But they do expect honesty.