Of all the warriors who are fighting in the tournament of power, Android 17 of universe seven is showing off, in a matter of a few minutes eliminated two different warriors without much problem. Without a doubt, Lapis was a great choice by Goku. Android 17's recruitment for the tournament has been very beneficial to universe 7.

Android 17 first appeared in the Cell saga. His real name is Lapis, and he is the brother of Android 18, Lazuli. This character is a human being, who suffered severe modifications in his body after being kidnapped by the scientist Maki Gero.


This scientist performed various experiments on the 17-year-old, making him a formidable warrior with astounding abilities.

In his first appearance, the power of the Android 17 was greater than that of a Super Saiyan. Lapis easily defeated all the Z warriors at that time, although he was later easily defeated by the super-android Cell and eventually absorbed.

In "Dragon Ball Super," the power of this character grew to incredible strength, being able to compete with the more powerful transformation of Goku, the Super Saiyan blue god form.

In all of the chapters he appears in, we can see a remarkable growth in his abilities and has no problem demonstrating the extent of his abilities. Now we will explain what his level of power is, and how he managed to attain that level.

The Power of Android 17

It is not really known what their true level of power is, but we think it is comparable to Goku's red super Saiyan God form. Although Goku fought against 17 in his blue god state, the power he used against him was not maximum, as the android was worried about destroying the island he protects and resides.


Beyond this, we can not make an accurate analysis of his strength. However, as mentioned earlier, his power could be equal to or greater than that of the Super Saiyan God Goku.

How did he get this power?

17 mentioned he has been training on the island where he worked for all these years. However, we believe that their level grew too much in a short time, so there must be a logical reason to explain this growth in strength.

As you know, Dr. Maki Gero installed a nucleus of infinite energy in the body of androids 17 and 18.

This energy has a function to make the androids fight without tiring. However, Android 17 turned part of this infinite energy into power thanks to his training, raising his power in an amazing way, explaining why he is so powerful today.