With just a few months away from the premiere of the new show “Inhumans,” there are already broadcasts surrounding the show’s launching date, casts, photos, and even a new poster to tease all the viewers. Marvel even confirmed that the next trailers of the franchise will hit the screens again in the next few weeks.

The first trailer features the voices of Maximus the Mad (played by Iwan Rheon) and Queen Medusa (played by Serinda Swan) talking to each other. Maximus is voicing out his concern about how they are following the King and remaining as quiet as he is. Queen Medusa responds by warning Maximus of treason and of betraying his older brother.

However, Maximus said that he is talking about freedom for everyone. What is the King hiding from everyone?

Escape from the military coup

The first part of “Inhumans” show the Royal Family trying to escape the military coup. The Royal Family of "Inhumans" will barely make it to the foreign country of Hawaii. As soon as they arrive in the foreign land, they will be surprised of everything they will see and surround them. The Royal Family will also realize one thing: They are in the foreign place not only to save themselves but also to save the world too.

Promise to keep everything real

During an interview with the Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Scott Buck said that the character of Maximus The Mad in the TV show is more real but more different and more complicated than the one from the Comic Book Series.

Unlike the comic book series, the TV show will give more time and opportunity in expanding and exploring Maximus’ character.

The second trailer of “Inhumans” show King Black Bolt, Queen Medusa, and Maximus descending a staircase. There was also a glimpse of how Hawaii will look like. The prominent scene is how Maximus look with fear on his face while trying to avoid someone.

The Royal Family will go through the critical part of their lives. They would need to act like real and normal people who just happen to have special abilities. They should treat their powers as a normal part of their lives.

Making history in the TV scene

Compared with other superhero based TV shows, “History” is trying to make a history in the TV scene.

The first two episodes of the series will premiere on September 1. However, instead of premiering in the small screen, the first two episodes will air in IMAX theaters. The first TV broadcast debut will be on September 9 at 8:00 PM EST.

The whole series is divided into eight episodes and will revolve around the Royal Family of Inhumans. The Royal Family members are genetically enhanced humans who possess extraordinary powers. #Inhumans

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