There is no doubt that Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is one of the most celebrated anime of all time and after ending for more than a decade ago, the franchise is still churning new contents with its latest installment Dragon Ball Super.” Toriyama has put us into the marvelous lore of Saiyans and martial arts, and through the years, fans have collected some mysteries which they try to verify through their theories and speculations. Though the only one that can confirm anything is the creator, fans can’t help but share their so called fan-theories.

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As of now, there is a ton of speculation that ranges from absurd to plausible explanations that can change your very own perspective of the show.

Android mom?

In the original series, we got to see some half machine-half human beings called androids.

Of all the androids in the show, the most popular are the twins called 17 and 18 that served as the primary antagonists for the Android saga before joining the Z fighters later on. However, fans pointed out that there is a certain individual is an android all along.

Bulma’s father, Dr.Briefs is one eccentric scientist, and he is married to a lovely blonde lady named Panchy. The happy woman seemed normal at first, but as the other characters grow older each year, she remained untouched by time as well as her husband Dr. Briefs. This unnatural eternal youth forced fans to speculate that the old couple has turned themselves as androids to remain forever young.

Identity of first Super Saiyan God

The legends and back stories of the franchise are complicated things, and up to this time, there are lots of ongoing debates especially to the lost history of the proud warrior race of Saiyans.

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One popular theory is the legend of the Super Saiyan God and its true identity. Some fans argued that the Guardian of the Planet Vegeta is also the original Super Saiyan God that protects the planet.

As we all know, the Super Saiyan God (SSG) is the legend of the legends for the Saiyans, and he protects the world from evil doers. Furthermore, both the Guardian and the SSG was portrayed as individuals wearing similar capes that conceal their identities. Additionally, King Kai mentioned before that the Guardian of the Planet Vegeta is the cause of its destruction. It is later revealed that Frieza was the culprit, but the funny thing is Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta because of his fear of the SSG.

Evil Angels

As of now, “Dragon Ball Super” is in the middle of the Universal Survival Arc [VIDEO] where a multiverse battle royal is raging on to decide the fate of the universes. The story arc is going on for a while, but no main villain is emerging to face Goku and friends to set the central conflict of the story.

Fans made a list of potential villains that includes Frieza and Jiren, but none of them fits the role of the main antagonist.

One fan, however, speculated that the angel attendants of the Gods of Destruction including the Grand Priest might emerge as the arc’s big bad wolves. The show teased some scenes where they are portrayed as villainous especially when Universe 9 got erased in the tournament. Furthermore, the Grand Priest appears that he is manipulating the young and gullible Zen-Ohs to his advantage.