Over the weekend, fans of "The Flash" series got a major spoiler on their hands when the official Twitter account of the series production office posted what seemed to be the title for the upcoming season four premiere episode. According to Entertainment Weekly, the said tweet has already been deleted, but quick-thinking fans already got their own receipts with several screenshots. The now-deleted tweet was suspected to be pertaining to the title for "The Flash" Season 4 premiere episode - "The Flash Reborn." Of course, this has sent fans into a frenzy because it means that the series might be taking the major Story Arc of "Rebirth."

The possibility that "The Flash" Season 4 might take on "Rebirth" story arc is very high, considering that its writer, Geoff Johns, is currently an executive producer of the series.

He is also the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics.

From 'Flashpoint' to 'Rebirth'

"The Flash" Season 3 was adapted from "Flashpoint" which was also written by Geoff Johns. Fans trying to search for clues and fit the puzzle pieces together have come up with a theory that season four might really take on the arc of "Rebirth."

In the season 3 finale, Barry Allen endorsed the responsibility of protecting Central City to Wally West. Fans who have been following the comics and the series find some overlapping in the story's focal points that further boost speculations that "The Flash" Season 4 might really take on the "Rebirth" story arc.

No speedster villain

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last March 2017, "The Flash" showrunners revealed that there won't be any bad speedsters in season four.

Instead, they revealed that Clifford DeVoe might be the antagonist in the upcoming season.

That said, the "Rebirth" story arc in the comics would be far out from what the showrunners have revealed in the said interview. However, the "Rebirth" version in the comics is not the only story arc pertaining to "Flash Rebirth."

According to Entertainment Weekly, there is actually a newer version of "Rebirth" which can be found in "DC: Rebirth" story arc.

Kicking off in 2016, this story arc is considered to be the newest version, presented just after "The New 52."

Barry Allen becomes a mentor

In the "DC: Rebirth" arc, Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, becomes a mentor to a fresh batch of speedsters. The said batch of neophyte speedsters appeared after a Speed Force storm. Looking back on the season three finale, this story arc is more likely to be adapted in "The Flash" Season 4 because there was also a Speed Force storm in the final episode.