"Teen Mom 2" fans were shocked to hear the gruesome details of Jenelle Evans overdose experiences. Evan's recently shared the details of her overdoses in her memoir book "Read Between The Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom."

Jenelle Evans fortunate to be alive

The reality star shares the details of how she nearly lost her life overdosing on drugs on more than one occasion. She also reveals how her ex paid no mind to her overdosing but continued to enjoy his high at the time instead of seeking medical attention for her.

'Teen Mom 2' star reveals how drugs took control of her life

Jenelle Evans describes her first terrifying overdose experience revealing that she had heard that by taking a large dose of a "certain kind" of decongestant it would cause a "weird trip" and hallucinations.Evans reveals she obtained a box of the decongestant containing 24 tablets. She recounts her 2006 experience stating that she begins by taking six pills at one time and waiting for her trip to begin.

Jenelle claims she felt nothing but a little lightheadedness, so she took six more pills. Describing that she felt sick to her stomach only, she ingested six more. Before long the "Teen Mom" writes she had taken the entire box, a total of 24 decongestant tablets and then felt something was very wrong.

“I knew something wasn’t right when my heart started beating really fast. I had some chest pains and felt really sick to my stomach. That’s when I decided to go find my mom and tell her what I had done.”

Barbara Evans began screaming after Jenelle revealed what she had done and quickly had her daughter lie on the sofa to rest while waiting for the symptoms to pass.

Luckily Jenelle survived the decongestant overdose. However, the scare she felt then was not enough to convince the young woman from using drugs again.

Jenelle's next near death overdose she reveals came when she had used heroin with bf Kieffer Delp. Evans overdosed a second time on heroin when she was dating ex-boyfriend Kieffer.

During that time Jenelle reveals she was using a lot of heroin and weed.

After a week of non-stop use, Jenelle writes that she woke up on the bathroom floor unaware of what had happened, or what she had done. It was a total blackout situation. With no clue how long she had been out, Jenelle reveals it was very scary for her. She states that she went to Kiffer and asked him how long she has been on the " f*****g floor. Kieffer said I passed out.”

When confronted about why he did not get her to the hospital, Evens writes he stated: “Sometimes that just happens.” Explaining what he meant, Evans claims that sometimes when you use heroin, you black out. And that "sometimes you lie around on the bathroom floor while your boyfriend enjoys his high… Sometimes you go down, and you don’t get back up.”

Thankfully the second overdose for Jenelle was the young woman's wakeup call.

She then checked herself into a New Jersey rehab hospital. As previously reported, Jenelle has made it known via the social media that she is not happy about the way she is being portrayed so far on "Teen Mom 2" Season 8.

The MTV reality series just began airing the 8th season two weeks ago, and the drama between the moms, their significant others, and families has already been explosive. Viewers can expect to see things continue to get out of control as the season goes on. "Teen Mom 2" airs Monday nights at 9 pm on MTV.