Jenelle Evans sat down for a tell-it-all interview with E! News where she opened up about her struggles with sobriety which viewers witnessed in "Teen Mom 2." The TV personality considered her drug addiction as the "lowest point" in her life before she realized the need to seek for help.

Sobriety struggles

The mother of three confessed she started using heroin in hopes to escape her problems. But instead of liberation, Jenelle found herself trapped in a pit of addiction which almost killed her. After realizing the danger of drug overdose, the "Teen Mom 2" star encouraged herself to seek assistance for her sobriety.

Jenelle also revealed how her childhood troubles have contributed to her temperament issues. She specifically blamed her father for abandoning them when she was younger. The 25-year-old personality said her mother, Barbara Evans, became hostile since her dad left the family.

"My mom just took the role as mom and dad growing up, she was very hostile and yelling and screaming all the time," she said.

Jenelle is still in a volatile relationship with her mom who refused to give her the custody of her eldest son. The "Teen Mom 2" star even thinks that they have already "lost" their association after years of fighting over the custody of Jace. "[Barbara] knows if she gives him to me that I will cut her off. That will be it. She's scared," she explained.

The TV personality has been fighting to gain custody of her eldest son after her she gave up her guardianship to Barbara in 2011. In May, both parties agreed to allow Jenelle to visit her son during weekends and holidays.

Jenelle talks about marriage and future plans with fiance.

The "Teen Mom 2" star announced her engagement with David Eason. A few days ago, Jenelle took to social media to confirm that their wedding will take place on September 23.

She even uploaded their prenuptial photo and expressed her excitement for the big day.

The MTV star admitted she has been "freaking out" while preparing for their wedding day. Jenelle added that she is currently looking for her wedding gown. When asked if she and Eason are planning to have more kids, the "Teen Mom 2" cast member said they have not talked about having another child at the moment.

Aside from her kids with Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith, Jenelle also shares a child with her fiance whom she has given birth in January. Eason, on the other hand, has one child from his past relationship.

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