Scarlett Johansson filed for divorce 4 months ago from husband Romain Duriac. The pair has a 2-year-old daughter named Rose together. The Hollywood star has been spotted hanging out with her Entertainment Lawyer Kevin Yorn. It appears that the pair has taken their relationship out of work and are now dating. They have known each other a very long time, and their friends are very supportive of their relationship.

Scarlett Johansson has always chemistry with Kevin Yorn

According to the Cherokee Tribune, Scarlett and Kevin have always had a good relationship with one another.

Since Kevin became the star's entertainment lawyer, the chemistry between them has grown. The pair has known each other for a very long time. A source close to the couple has stated that their relationship has developed very organically. However, fans are shocked to see Johansson moving on so quickly as she only filed for divorce 4 months ago.

The pair were spotted together having a romantic dinner at the New York restaurant Scalinatella. They were photographed holding hands. However, the pair is trying to keep their budding relationship on the down low as they kept their public displays to a minimum. Friends of the couple have told the media that their relationship has been a long time coming.

The pair has a lot in common and the chemistry has always been there.

Johansson has already introduced her new boyfriend to her daughter

According to People Movies, the star has already made the introductions between her two-year-old daughter and her new boyfriend. Scarlett is incredibly taken with how Kevin is with her daughter.

Scarlett is a family orientated person and the relationship between whoever she is seeing and her daughter is very important to her. She was delighted to see Kevin and Rose getting along so well.

Yorn also has a daughter from a previous marriage. There is no confirmation as to whether or not Johansson has been introduced to Yorn's daughter Samantha yet.

The pair has been spending as much time together as they can. Their relationship is moving quickly. However, this is not surprising as they have had a strong working relationship for many years now.

There has been no comment from Scarlett Johansson's ex-husband Romain Duriac about her new relationship. Neither Scarlett nor Kevin have publicly made a statement about their relationship. It appears that they are trying to keep their new romance out of the media's attention.