The new episode of "Boku No Hero Academia" anime series, also known as "My Hero Academia," is finally out and it is full of action. Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, and Tenya Iida have reunited to fight the infamous Hero Killer called Stain.

Tenya Iida faces his demons

The anime series is getting better and better with each episode, boasting fighting sequences that are more dynamic than what was depicted in the original manga series. In the latest episode, Izuku arrived just in time to save Tenya, who was about to be stabbed to death by Hero Killer Stain.

In the previous episode, the Hero Killer teamed up with Tomura Shigaraki and Kurogiri, who are members of the League of Villains.


Shortly after joining the league, the three headed to Hosu City to wreak havoc and unleashed three new terrifying Nomus.

Izuku and Gran Torino got mixed up in the chaos and they decided to postpone their training to help evacuate the civilians and fight the villains. Izuku realized that Tenya must have found the Hero Killer since Tenya was nowhere to be found.

Tenya recently walked a vengeful path after the Hero Killer attacked his older brother, who was left paralyzed and forced to discontinue his career as a professional hero.

In his quest to defeat Stain, Tenya falls into the villain's trap and was in danger of getting himself killed instead.

In "My Hero Academia" Episode 29, Izuku arrived just in time to stop Stain from killing Tenya. After finding Tenya and an injured professional hero, Izuku knew he can't stop Stain on his own.

Midoriya calls for back-up

Izuku just started to master his quirk with the help of Gran Torino but he is still too inexperienced to defeat someone like the Hero Killer. The young aspiring hero took the initiative to send his coordinates to his classmates and professional heroes.


With no one else to rely on, Izuku had no choice but to go up against Stain. However, in the midst of the fight, Stain was able to graze him and acquire his blood, eventually paralyzing Izuku with his quirk.

Stain's quirk is called the Bloodcurdle and he has the power to immobilize people up to eight minutes by taking in their blood. With Izuku paralyzed, Stain approaches Tenya again to do what he had intended to do.

However, Todoroki makes it in time to stop Stain after receiving Izuku's message.

Todoroki and Izuku team up to fight the Hero Killer.

The preview of "My Hero Academia" Episode 30 teased Tenya getting back to normal and finally joining his classmates to fight Stain. Meanwhile, it seems like the professional heroes Gran Torino and Flame Hero Endeavor are exchanging blows.