Jackson Kyle Roloff, the newest star in the "Little People, Big World" family just turned two months old! Since being born on May 12, Jackson--or Baby J as he's fondly called--has truly been a source of joy both to his family and "LPBW" fans.

7 things about Baby Jackson

Tori Roloff intends to document Jackson's first year by taking photos of him on this adorable crib sheet with the numbers one to 12. The first-time mom posts these images on her social media accounts, along with a list of what Jackson likes at that particular stage.

For his second month, Tori has shared seven things about her son.

The proud momma happily revealed that Baby J is now a master of the snooze. He gets a consistent seven hours of sleep every day, and even falls asleep during pool time! He's also a very happy baby and loves smiling at Zach and Tori. However, he does have his tantrums especially when he's hungry!

During his first month, Jackson was said to hate having his diaper changed. But now, Tori proudly revealed that Baby J "gets excited" every time they change his nappies. He also enjoys the water and loves bath time.

Tori reveals Jackson's size

baby Jackson was born with achondroplasia, the same type of dwarfism that his dad Zach and grandmother Amy Roloff have. Jackson's size was highly speculated back when Tori was still pregnant. But Zach and Tori did not confirm it until after Baby J was born.

At two months old, Baby Jackson was at the 98th percentile for height, Tori revealed in her post. She also stated that he weighs over 12 pounds. These figures indicate that Jackson is growing quite well and is a healthy baby. However, some fans were quite surprised to know that Baby Jackson had gotten so big.

"He is in the 98th percentile for height but he is a dwarf?" one fan commented on Tori's post.

Some even asked if Baby J is really a dwarf baby based on his weight.

According to MedicineNet.com, an infant with achondroplasia has a long torso with short extremities. The differences in height and weight compared to that of an average-sized baby will likely be more prominent as years go by. An adult male "achon" has an average height of 4 feet, 4 inches.

Little or not, one thing is certain: Baby Jackson is very much loved and is a happy addition to the growing "Little People, Big World" family. He is the first Roloff grandchild and soon he will have a baby cousin. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are expecting their first child -a baby girl- by the end of August.

Jeremy and Audrey have not revealed whether their child will be a little person like Baby J. In past episodes of the show, the couple said that such chances are very slim. However, they concluded that they will love their baby no matter what.

"Little People, Big World" is believed to return with a brand-new season this coming September on TLC.

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