Asian stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, who play roles Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua respectively, surprise their fans with their departure from “Hawaii Five-0.” According to reports, the stars are quite underpaid compared to their American co-stars. Now, the 48-year-old actor breaks his silence over the issue in a Facebook post. The “Lost” star addressed the pay equity, the contract he has with CBS, and his exit in “Hawaii Five-0” Season 8.

Kim’s official statement

Daniel Dae Kim’s post is titled, “A Message To My Fans About ‘Hawaii 5-0.’”

He first apologized to his fans for airing his side a little late.

He admitted that the exit rumors are true and he won’t be returning to “Hawaii Five-0” Season 8’s production next week. He went on to say that he made himself available for filming, but he and CBS didn’t agree with the terms of their new contract.

“So I made the difficult choice not to continue,” he said. However, he still gives his deepest gratitude to the people behind the show and to his fellow actors and actresses. He then apologized for not continuing the television series with them.

Daniel Dae Kim also addressed his battle over the salary with the network. "The path to equality is rarely easy," he said. As a Korean American actor, he explained that he knows how hard to find opportunities in a foreign land. This also includes playing a “well-developed, three-dimensional” character like Chin Ho Kelly.

But, he is still grateful for playing the role of the detective lieutenant in the action police procedural drama.

The 2 Asian actors’ exit

According to Variety, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park left “Hawaii Five-0” as their negotiation with CBS to have the same pay as Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan didn’t succeed.

The publication claimed that the Asian actors were paid 10 to 15 percent less compared to what the two American actors received.

This was albeit they were all in the television series since it started in 2010.

CBS, on the other hand, refused to give comments on the salary issue. However, the network gave Daily News its statement along with the show’s executive producer Peter Lenkov. The broadcasting company asserted that it very much appreciated Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park’s talents, professional excellence, and “aloha spirits” they have imparted in the television series that totaled to 168 episodes.

In fact, it stated that the two Asian actors have helped to build the police procedural drama. The speech ended by wishing them both well and success in the next chapters of their lives. With that, fans won’t see the Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua in the coming “Hawaii Five-0” Season 8 and their exit will be elaborated in the show’s first episode.

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