George and amal clooney were spotted for the first time in Italy together with their two angels following the announcement they made during the arrival of the Twins. Apparently, it was the first time for the twins to travel with their parents. On Wednesday, the couple, together with the twins, flew to Italy on a private jet. A report from Entertainment Tonight shared that George was spotted carrying a white bassinet which holds the twins.

The couple was seen in their casual outfit as they enjoyed their first trip together with their babies. To recall, George and Amal welcomed their twins on June 6.

Since then, the life of the 56-year old actor had changed when he eventually became a father of two.

Life has changed for George

Another report from ET also shared that George also sold his Casamigos Tequila Company to a company named Diageo. Apparently, a lot has changed since he became a father. Without a doubt, he is very happy with his life right now together with wife, Amal.

Rande Gerber, George's business partner, also shared that he incredibly feels how happy George is with his family. He also shared that the twins were a perfect mix of the couple George and Amal. Geber also revealed that he had spent time recently with the new parents together with his wife in London. Further, he also added that the twins simply look very cute.

Happy and contented couple

The Clooney twins were finally on the move as they took their first travel with their parents. Their Italy trip marked their first public appearance since Amal gave birth to Alexander and Elle. Most of the time, the couple used to spend their vacation in the Lake Como. Hence, a lot were surprised when they were spotted at the Milan airport.

Without a doubt, George and Amal were happy and contented with the life they have right now. Both looked so simple and casual with their lives. It can be seen clearly on their faces that George and Amal have been the best father and mother of their entire lives through their twins. Meanwhile, a photo has also surfaced online which featured the new parents while carrying each of the twins.

Everyone was also in awe after learning that the entire Clooney family flew to Milan in a private jet. The twins, Elle and Alexander, both experienced an extraordinary VIP treatment during the said trip. Each got their own basket as their crib. Without a doubt, this has been a pretty good year for the Clooneys. Apart from the arrival of the twins, George had just celebrated when his tequila company got sold for a $1 billion price.