"England is Mine" was directed and written by Mark Gill. The 2017 movie is a biopic drama about the life and early years of Morrissey before he formed "The Smiths" with Johnny Marr in 1982. The film was originally titled "Steven" after the singers the first name, but later producers went with a few lyrics from "The Smiths" song "Still III." "England is Mine" has already premiered at Edinburgh Film Festival on July 2. Casting includes such actors as Jack Lowden, Jessica Brown Findley, Laurie Kynaston and Adam Lawrence.

Jack Lowden takes on the role of Morrissey

"England is Mine" focuses on the early life of Steven Morrissey. He is depicted on screen by actor Jack Lowden. The movie follows Morrissey in the late 1970's as he struggles to find an artists outlet for his creativity. Fortunately for Morrissey, he comes across two individuals who will help the singer achieve his dream. Morrissey meets Linder Sterling and Billy Duffy. This pair would eventually become the frontwoman of "Ludus" and the guitarist for "The Cult."

Sterling and Duffy encourage Morrissey to perform at gigs and are subsequently responsible for his meeting with guitar prodigy Johnny Marr. Morrissey and Marr would eventually go on to form the band "The Smiths." They are to be joined by their bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.

"The Smiths" went on to become an extremely successful band before Morrissey left to pursue a controversial solo career in 1987.

"England is Mine" shows the beginning of the alternative rock band and shows stars, Morrissey and Marr before they became famous members of "The Smiths." It allows fans an insight into these two members long before they became internationally recognized.

The audience can connect with the performers earlier days of struggle and uncertainty before they come together.

A stellar cast of actors

Jack Lowden has hit the jackpot this year. Not only did he get the role of Morrissey in this biopic, but he also stars in Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated movie "Dunkirk." Lowden is an incredibly talented actor, and 2017 certainly seems to be his year.

Co-star Jessica Brown Findlay, who plays Linder Sterling, is known from the successful TV series "Downtown Abbey" and has appeared in such films as "Winters Tale" and "Victor Frankenstein."

"England is Mine" is set to be released in theaters in the US on August 25, 2017. Fans of "The Smiths" are eagerly awaiting the release of the biopic.